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Dunn settles wrongful death lawsuit with the family of Jordan Davis

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Updated: 1/06 3:35 pm
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The lawyer representing the family of Jordan Davis says he reached an out-of-court settlement in the teen's wrongful death lawsuit.

Jacksonville attorney John Phillips tell Action News he made an offer to Michael Dunn and his legal team which was accepted.

[Special Coverage: Murder over Loud Music]

Dunn is facing murder charges for firing a gun at an SUV at a gas station on the Southside. Police say the shooting followed an argument over loud music.Jordan Davis, 17, was killed.

Phillips says a separate suit with two other teens in the vehicle was also settled. The terms of the settlement were not immediately released.
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kathyloera789 - 1/17/2014 2:54 PM
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king kaos - 1/6/2014 5:22 PM
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All of these scum- Von Martin and these YOUNG MEN too... you want to hear real tragedy, lest us not forget a true innocent angel in Antonio Santiago. What ever happened to that story??? Talk about a really terrible cold blooded killing... that is about as cold as it gets. These wanna be thugs were running around casuing trouble and playing a game they already lost at long before encountering thier ends, the game of life... and not the one with the little cars and bubble headed stick people to put in the cars either, the real deal life game. Dunn should have done what we have all been TRAINED to do, look at the ground(ABSOLUTELY NO EYE CONTACT with a BLACK thug or that is reason for a well deserved BEATING for any WHITE person) and SHUT THE HECK UP! who does he think he is trying to tell those "great little boys" to stop being obnosious and bothering EVERYONE for blocks around them? Does he all of a sudden think we arent in the middle of a one sided race war? I mean come on, MAYBE if it was a car full of white kids acting stupid he could have gone and said something and expected anything less than a weapon and beat down... oh hang on, let me be fair, a car full of NON BLACK kids! Sorry, my bad on that one. Anyway folks, this should be a lesson to ALL of us, black or white. If black n-ers are acting as they do, you CANNOT SAY or DO or acknowledge that AT ALL. Even if they are yelling obscenities at your wife and 12 year old daughter, its YOUR fault for bringing them out da house dogg... if you dont beleive me, just ask thier parents DUH! Just sayin, lets get reelz heers doggs...

Realchange - 1/5/2014 7:43 PM
2 Votes
For your viewing pleasure A SMALL EXCERPT OF THE REAL TRAYVON MARTIN: QUery: Mee too,but wat happen tah yuhh?? Response: Fight Query : Y!? Response: cause man dat N (word) (filters will not allow the real word) snitched on me Query: Bae Y youn always fightinqq man, yu got suspended? Response: Naw we thumped afta skool in a duckd off spot Query: Ohh, well damee Response: I los da 1st round :) but I won da 2nd and 3rd... Response: I los dn first :( but won da 2nd nd 3rd Query: Ohh so it was 3 rounds? damee well at least yu wonn lol but yuu needsa stop fighting qq bae forereal' Response Naw I am not done wit fool... he gone have 2 seem again Query: NOoo BAe stop yuu aint gonn be staisfied till yuh get suspeneded again huh? Response Naw but he aint breed (means bleed) nuff 4 me, only his nose... but afta dat im done End of excerpt. Shortly thereafter he goes shopping for street guns.

Realchange - 1/5/2014 7:40 PM
2 Votes
Dunn most likely will serve for this. Some of you have made comments about Travyon Martin explain why he went shopping for street guns shortly after a in his own words not mine (N word) snitched on him. He had already beat the kid senseless but said in texts that he had not bled enough for him. Starts shopping for street guns. The court case of Travyon Martin showed at one point he was feet away from his "dad's" door. Witnesses showed the last seconds of Martin being over Zimmerman beating the crud out him MMA style. Zimmerman screamed at the witness for help who yelled "I am calling the cops". Add to light it has been revealed that Trayvon Martin was into pot and purple lean together. Add to the light Trayvon was given a pass on stolen home invasion jewelry in high school. The police officer being ordered to list it as lost instead of probably stolen to keep from arresting this innocent boy so many of you defend. Witnesses play Martin on top Zimmerman beating on him. Saying he was running away or scared for his life is contrary to his nature. Bragging on facebook he had smacked the hell out the back of his bus drivers head for not knowing his place on HIS bus. Go on keep drinking the purple lean believing the 12 year old picture you show was the real Trayvon Martin. The DUNN is different. I want to know why someone would speed away from a shooting go park somewhere else realize their friend is dying the backseat then zoom back to the shooting when only 2 blocks away is hospital that could saved your friends life. Strange that witnesses say they did not get rid of anything I feel differently whether it was drugs or some guns we will never know. Do make them get up on that stand and let them put their hands on the Good Book and lie about it though. That way on judgment day they might get the vengeance they want by lying but will end up being judged in turn. Maybe some these black pastors can tell them how God likes lying under oath in court to man and him both.

nativejax - 1/4/2014 6:51 PM
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Really? iondaprize...funny how you can equate the torture and murder of an INNOCENT child who's mom is NOT AFTER A WRONGFUL DEATH SETTLEMENT to 2 thugs who CHOSE to hang with thugs and act like thugs. ..And if your going to comment on here get your FACTS straight. Trayvon was running alright, He circled around and ran right into Zimmerman's nose and broke it. Then he proceeded to beat the back of his head on the ground..Trayvon was not a helpless victim, why don't you be honest and quit trying twist facts. Does this Dunn stupid idiot deserve jail? In my opinion he does. He should not have approached the car over loud awful noise some call music, and the thug driver should not have got pizzed off just for being asked to turn it down. Dun was not in the wrong by asking them to turn it down, but any idiot knows NOT to confront a gang of loud people out running around, just common sense, in which this idiot must not have.Two totally different events.

viejo - 1/4/2014 6:26 PM
0 Votes
Attorney John Phillips. Yeah, that's the guy that thinks having to prove guilt over a presumption of innocence would be to rewrite the entire body of jurisprudence in America. JAFL

iondaprize - 1/4/2014 1:52 PM
0 Votes
joew, both of these kids were helpless to avoid the situations the adults started. Trayvon RAN and Jordan was sitting in the back seat of a car. How did either one of them 'start' the fights? You are delusional.

unity4all - 1/4/2014 1:01 PM
2 Votes
We are paying for his legal fees and he had money to settle a lawsuit. He should have paid his legal fees then there would have been no money for anyone to attach....unless he has lots of money in which case he should pay his own darn legal fees! Oh and if he settled a wrongful death lawsuit, that means he's admitting he committed a wrongful death? If I was innocent I wouldn't pay. His paying has no impact on the criminal case so he should have stood his ground!

iondaprize - 1/4/2014 11:03 AM
2 Votes
As we all know, this may be the only justice the family finds. I've never buried my murdered child so I know I can't judge them. The people here hating on these families, did you also hate on Somer Thompson's Mom when money came their way? Was John Walsh of America's Most Wanted only seeking fame and fortune following the tragic death of his child? Man, some of these hate filled comments say a lot more about YOU and what's in YOUR heart than it does about the family of Jordan and Trayvon

joewW07 - 1/4/2014 8:36 AM
2 Votes
@nativejax, You got that right . They are trying to keep up with the Martin's, they made millions off the death of their son. Both cases are about the same, both thugs started a fight they could not finish...And the parents get a payday...
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