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Action News Investigates the Rise of Heroin

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Updated: 2/10 6:23 pm
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heroin use is on the rise in northeast Florida.

"They had to bring me back to life on my 20th birthday," said Charles Rios, a recovering heroin addict. "Once you start you can't stop," said Rios.

Rios said he couldn't stop, but it didn't start with heroin.

"I used at a young age, around 12, and started smoking weed," said Rios. "It's the greatest feeling I've ever had, now I'm 27 years old, and I've only been clean 92 days."

This is Rios' second time in rehab. There are hundreds more stories just like his. Both addicts we talked with say the addiction became worse in the last few years after Florida cracked down on pill mills. "They're getting harder to find. It's easier for people just to get heroin," said a man who wants to remain anonymous, but admits battling addiction.

Captain Barry Abramowitz with the Clay County Sheriff's Office said the heroin increase is an unintended consequence of the new laws. He says heroin is now showing up in more local neighborhoods.

The latest report available from the Florida Medical Examiners Commission shows heroin deaths increased 89 percent from 2011 to 2012.

The Jacksonville area has the third-highest rate in the state with 14 deaths.

"It's going to be in every body's neighborhood. That's what's so scary," said Abramowitz.
Action News asked how the drug is getting here.

"They're coming from Colombia, Mexico via Miami," said Abramowitz.

He said the drugs travel right up interstate 95.

The Drug Enforcement Administration told Action News some heroin comes through Florida ports but most of it comes in right through airports.   Smugglers are hiding the drugs in their bodies.

While police know where it's coming from, stopping smuggling isn't easy.

"We're going to target people selling it and target people buying it," said Abramowitz.

Local addicts said crackdowns alone will not stop users.
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king kaos - 2/11/2014 11:37 AM
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PART 5 (Start at the bottom and read backwards)- If ANYONE who EVER USED A STEAKKNIFE TO KILL someone, and even though 99% steak kife users dont stab people, according to your argument; steak knives should be banned and are bad because they are used to kill people. Just replace steak knife with joint, and kill with heroin and thats the oppositions argument. And where do all of these great counter studies and adds and monies come from speaking out on Medicinal Marijuana??? THE DRUG COMPANIES!!! IMAGINE THAT! WOW, AMAZING! So thats great and all but probably not the best source. Sanja Gupta from CNN was a HUGE Anti-Marijuana doctor UNTIL he did his own independant research and now he goes around fighting for its legalization. Hes not a user, HES A DOCTOR WHO TRUELY DOES CARE though! I was and again am a MODEL citizen, I did everything right in my life and had an "accident" along the way. Something unexpected and unintentional and I ended up a F-NG JUNKIE because I did what I was told by DOCTORS, many of them. Theres alot more out there. DONT LOOK DOWN AND THEM, THEY NEED HELP. These are good loving family people who need HELP, they hate themselves and they hate what has happend to them. HELP THEM! They are under the control of something that physically REWIRES your BRAIN people, it makes physical changes to your body, its not just mental. ITS A TERRIBLE PLACE, hell on earth kids. Medicinal Marijuana makes this much less of a problem all the way around, for pain, for anxiety, for appetite, for sleep, IT WORKS much better than these pills that your doc is so quick to hand you. Take this, take that to counter the side effects and then take 10 more. I have a better idea; take this one God given gift and stop the maddness of junkie creation the doctors and pill companies have MASTERED. Stop it before its your mother or your kid or even you. It can never happen is BS, they are much more driven to make you a junkie than you are to resist. $$$$$, that what it is for them.

king kaos - 2/11/2014 11:22 AM
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Part 4 - FIN! They work so great after all and have for years, right??? Now here we are today, Feb 11, 2014 and you are talking to a CHANGED man. I dont take ANY pills other than an advil or tylenol. I dont smoke weed, I dont drink, Im back on top in my indutry and I LOVE LIFE AGAIN! I BEAT the IMPOSSIBLE and remember this my friends. I was able to party like a ROCK STAR. I brought HOME over $200K a year, so I wasnt doing a "little here an there when I could scam someone for an extra 10spot" oh no, the king partied like a KING. I hate the doctors that are really just pushers, I hate the pill manufacturers that fill your doctors offices with thier propoganda(next time you go, what name is on the pens, the pads of paper, the posters on the walls? Not "Dr. Bobs" im sure! And let me tell you, being a "profesional" like the docs themselves, they LOVED to tell me how they would go on "Sales Meetings" in Aspen paid for by the drug companies... all they had to do was writ enough scripts to keep them all in the money, and thats EASY! I hate the government for how they both handle the situation and how they treat the people. You are surrownded by junkies, they sit next to you at work, they are in church with you, they teach your kids, they are EVERYWHERE. I PRAY marijuana would be legalized, God PLEASE! IF 1 person doesnt have to go through what we have then its worth it. If there is an alternative to this PILL nation(and study after study shows Marijuanas superior performance and benefits to most all pill for same ailments) and it comes in plant form that I can grow in my back yard THEN SCREW THE DRUG COMPANIES AND DOCTORS TURNING LOTS OF GOOD FOLKS INTO JUNKIES AND SCREW THE REST OF SOCIETY FOR DUMPING ON THEM AND TALKING ALOT OF NONSENSE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT. You say, well look it says he started by smoking weed. THATS A TERRIBLY IGNORANT WAY TO ARUGE THIS. A killer started by cutting up his steak, so knives are bad. RIGHT?

king kaos - 2/11/2014 11:09 AM
0 Votes
PArt 3 - (getting close) So now when laquinda and everyone else I know doesnt have my pills, the pharmacy has been out for 4 months and they have no idea when they are going to get more in and the pills are $35 a piece but theres these other ones that may help you get through the day at least, and it sucks not being able to sleep for a week and they have to know something is going on at work because I look like hell and show up only 2 times a week and wont answer my phone and OH MY GOD MY WIFE AND KIDS AND FAMILY AND WHATS HAPPENING TO ME!!!! But wait, there is this "other thing", it will make all those terrible things go away and will get you back on track, right and running like a CHAMP! No more worries and when the pharmacies get past this little nonsense(it was the same in 96 and then 07 remeber?) you can go back to just that. Youve heard about it but probably only BAD, but you dont have to shoot it, you can snort it! HURRAY casuse I HATE needles! Its HEROIN and dont knock it until you try it! You think that back pain was bad, try GEEKING! Now try GEEKING while running a department of 20 IT guys, SMART IT guys that know "somesing isnt right in CHINATOWN, JACK". One more fast forward... the heroin was a joke, the pills were SO MUCH BETTER, so much STRONGER, so much less hassle(well at the begining) and I WASNT A JUNKIE, I was "prescribed needed medication by my doctor", well my new new new doctor because for some odd reason the last 3 got raided and closed down and those doctors are in JAIL(where I will probably end up when Im buying all this junk off the streets in the ghetto with my now wrecked and crappy 5 year old BMW). Shes really nice and CARES SO MUCH... she knows I HATE being on this shi% but she will help me to get off of it, slowly. In fact if I pay her an extra $200 a month, she will put me on this medication that helps to stop all of the bad in between when I run out of my meds 2 weeks short of my next script and still keep all my current meds too!

king kaos - 2/11/2014 10:58 AM
0 Votes
(PART 2 - read other post first to get complete story)... with some of the most obviously junked out junkies you have EVER seen, well then NO PROB! We got your back my dogg. And the best part is I WAS IN and accident FOR REAL and REALLY NEED THIS STUFF not like all these other junkies. Just ask all the doctors Ive been to, they TOLD ME so! They PROMISED this was the best way to MANAGE my pain, it was in fact the ONLY way. And hey, thier DOCTORS, just like cops and judges; these are the GOOD people, the people to RESPECT AND TRUST with you and your families LIVES... so here comes Pam Bondi. shes going to fix it ALL and get rid of all those junkies! Ill be able to get my medicine and wont have to go to shady pharmacies and pay $1000s a month to fill mine and my wifes scripts(well she was in an accident and I know this doc who wants to take care of you! $500 to start and $150 a month(cash only remeber!) and WOW he even has a PHARMACY hooked up in the same building as his office, and its even RIGHT NEXT DOOR! AWESOME! But wait... you are just going to stop letting the pill manufacturer ship to the area and have quotas of how many pills can be shipped based on NOTHING AT ALL, just an arbitrary number? Now I have to spend an additionl week looking to fill my scripts??? Well good thing I happened to be high as a kite and got some junkies phone number at the docs last time, she said she can get them NO PROB and she was kind of hot too! WIN! Wow they cost $25 a piece and I have to meet in some weird place behind a closed down plaza in the ghetto anyway? Im driving a new BMW so lock the doors and dont talk to anyone except Joquindra, shes cool and gets "us" so no worries. Youll know her by her blond wig and mini skirts and "stripper heels". Uh oh, something isnt right. But the doc told me it was the ONLY way! (one more to end this story out)...

king kaos - 2/11/2014 10:36 AM
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I would be willing to bet $1M that along with the weed, there was also drinking. I am also a recovering addict and spent many many years smoking weed with no issues, in fact had a stellar career, exceptional grades in college and a great life with family and friends. In fact I attribute much of that to the MJ as the doctors put me on ADD medication which was a terrible experience for me(take a hyper person and feed them huge quantities of cocaine, hey look! he appears to be much calmer... well thats becasue Im going SOOOOO fast I have NO idea what to do). If you are thinking of putting your kids or yourself on any kind of ADD stuff, DO NOT! So back to pot... LOVED it and allowed me to slow down and take care of business. Then right in the middle of everything going great, I get in an accident and tear my lower back up. Uh-oh! Cant smoke the pot anymore becasue I have to take drug tests to get the shots and pills that I "need" to move(at 25 years old). Fast forward 10 years and Im on stuff that could knock out a horse, and A LOT of it. I have "docs" writing me for such huge amounts and quantities of synthesized HEROIN(so nature didnt do good enough, come on! We can make it even STRONGER!) just called neat things like OXY and ROXY Coedone and lets toss in some morphine for "break out" pain and I see you were diagnosed with ADD so how about some Aderol... if you have a drug test for work it will come up positive for Meth, but thats only because Aderol is salts of methanphedamine. Cant sleep? A little anxious? OK, well you just need to toss some Xanax and Calonopins on top of the rest and youll be FEELING GREAT! So now fast forward a few years again, people dont have to go to the ghetto to get high as a kite, they only have to go to the medicine cabinet to get the best stuff that SCIENCE can produce, forget about "nature" and all... WAY to WEAK. If you want to wait for 6 hours to pay a doctor $150 a month(CASH ONLY and we DONT take insurance) and sit in a waiting room

Truthseeker - 2/11/2014 6:06 AM
0 Votes
All of you marijuana advocates should probably read this several times, especially the part about how the heroine use started. Of course if you are a marijuana advocate, you are probably too brain dead to understand.
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