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Brother of Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford arrested

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A birthday celebration allegedly ended in violence sending a local sheriff's brother to jail.

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russianboi - 3/4/2014 2:22 AM
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This is the criminal, hubert Rutherford's daughter. Victoria Rutherford. I was the victim. And he tried strangling me. and would have strangled me to death if it wasn't for my best friend Joshua joke(18yrs of age) and my boyfriend Nick being there. Josh held my dad down after getting him off me and said, realize what your doing your hurting your daughter your intoxicated please stop. Josh said im gunna let you up please just chill. Josh proceeds to get up and my dad sat there and swung at josh. Josh blocked the punch and so my dad hit me so then josh ended up fighting my dad long enough for me and my boyfriend yo escape then he ran out the door also. My dad proceeds to run after us grabbing a gilfclub ranting and raging on yelling, f### you p#### ass mother f#######. Excuse my language. But I ran down the road and called the cops . This all started over my dad and his gf coming home on his birthday drunk and me and him were arguing before that so his girlfriend, Kari Reynolds got in the middle of it and made it worse and told me you need to stop talking to your father that way you hoodrat, then proceeded to slap me so I ended up fighting her and knocking her out that's when my dad proceeded on to those actions stated above. He's a criminal who should be put away for good. But I supposedly had no say so. And he's been released now. Its is what you might say, complete bulls###.

russianboi - 3/4/2014 2:03 AM
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I was there lol I like that last comment yeah he gets away with everything since he's the sheriffs brother I wish Rutherford would kiss my ass like he kisses his brothers :)

floridakrakker - 1/24/2014 9:42 AM
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He probably has some belief that his brother (sheriff) will make sure his "indiscretions" are swept away. Hope not.... You know...kinda like that judge who has the son that resisted arrest on JTB - his name escapes me right now. If I remember correctly, wasn't his behavior somehow just swept away, too?

nativejax - 1/23/2014 2:19 PM
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What a 'black mark' on the family. If I was in the spot light all the time and had a family member dead set on killing himself, as this guy must be, I know it only takes 3 other family members 'signatures' to have him/her committed. Maybe it will save a life.

Realchange - 1/23/2014 3:36 AM
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While I intensely dislike Rutherford for his corruption do not blame him for what a brother does. Rather focus on his building up the police in Jacksonville and when not allowed to do build his little private army up resorts to letting crime run wild. Focus on the special protections and privileges that are provided to police that citizens do not have. Things like dark tinted windows ( for their safety), death penalty for shooting a police officer ( kill regular citizen for a crime be lucky if the criminal serves 30 years), texting and driving ( Yes Jacksonville police officers use their computers at high speed, sometimes killing people, and what do they get charged with ? nada). Police have attitudes that, Rutherford helps foster, that they are above the law. As bad as the corruption is though anyone that would replace him would be worse. Sad state of affairs when the government runs rampart destroying citizens rights both locally and nationally and no one says enough.
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