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Drivers worry about privacy with new license plate readers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Somewhere along I-295 near Commonwealth Avenue, eyes are on your vehicle.

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Papakilo - 7/27/2013 12:39 PM
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Get facts straight. Driving is no a right! It is a privilege! You must take and pass a driving and visual test! You must pay to have your vehicle registered and annually pay for a license tag! The TAG does not belong to you. It belongs to the State! If the city, county, state, or federal government wants to see your TAG, driving license, registration and proof of insurance....they can. You are driving on public roads and they have every right to see, photograph, or record your car and TAG. By law, if you bothered to read your driving laws, you are required to maintain a clean, lite, TAG on your vehicle at all times. As for the new additional capability of reading TAGs, it provides a faster means of locating stolen vehicles, car jackings, kidnappings, and catching criminals. If you happen to be a criminal or shady individual with ill intentions, fine, I agree with you, go ahead and fight against TAG readers. Currently, many of the TAG readers are being used at high accident intersections in the city. I have personally noticed the number and frequency of accidents reduced at intersections I frequent. I expect the city or police department to make a load of money from fines, the real reason is to reduce accidents and catch drivers who carelessly run traffic lights. I believe the initial problem of standardizing/ lengthening the time of the yellow/caution light has been resolved. Another time saver for the TAG reader has been in use on Florida toll roads, to make it easier for drivers to travel without stopping every 10 or so miles at a toll booth to pay the toll. Again, driving on a public road requires laws which must be followed. If you want to ride a horse, cow, goat, or mule that's another story. For a civilized society to exist rules must be followed, where folks don't follow rules, laws must be made and fines paid for disrespecting those laws. Rules and laws keep the majority of citizens safe from harm and promote civil order.

Realchange - 7/27/2013 11:54 AM
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For those that saying driving is not a right. Our forefathers considered stealing a horse , the only dependable land transportation in it's day, a capital offense. That is you deprive a man or person of the right to travel by stealing or removing their transportation without due process a crime. Yet now we have these naysayers saying it's privilege that can be removed without due process of the law and hearing by jury of your peers. Explain to anyone how they can have any freedom in this country now days without a car. Government has taken away my right to seat a jury trial from the 7th amendment to bill of rights. They are afraid a veteran wanting to seat a jury so they can see his evidence is unlawful. How you say by having judges over turn the Constitution with something called the Fere's doctrine which prevents you from seating a jury to decide your case. Imagine that the government afraid of what the citizens might learn from sitting on jury for veterans rights. Do you really want trust them with tracking you like an animal everywhere you go ? Do you really want step out on your back yard and wonder at night is there drone watching you as well and scanning your home? We are headed that way. People seem to think giving up all their freedoms is ok. That is till it gets used against them or loved one then they want help. I trusted the government to do the right thing when I found out I was poisoned from my military service. They did not they laughed about it, and refused to do so. Keep that in mind when politicians and sheriffs tell you the system will never be abused. When someone tells you the government follows the Constitution they do not. Veterans who want jury trials are living proof of an abusive system. Why would a government who claims to be for the people by the Constitution be afraid of veterans they poisoned seating a jury trial? Then ask yourself do you really want trust them watching and recording everything you do all the time every time.

whosaysnocan - 7/27/2013 10:05 AM
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Hey realchange~I have been praying for the VA to get people like you taken care of. You deserve the care and support for your service to our country. When I read that "they" would not hire the much needed people to get through the back log at the VA, my heart sank for people like you. I pray you can get the representation you deserve to get the help you need. I also pray that those that are gaming the system get caught and have to repay what they have taken. On the topic of this report, I care about our privacy. Knowing this is happening will cause the "bad guys" to remove the tags or render them unreadable. Such as it is whenever law enforcement comes up with ways to track people.

cabgx2 - 7/27/2013 9:39 AM
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DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!!! Driving is not a right!!! This is not a privacy issue, it is a law enforcement tool. But the only way people have a chance of having the cameras taken down, is throwing the "privacy" card.

imtellin - 7/27/2013 6:47 AM
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want to screw the system up ??? throw some dirt on your tag !!! let them try to read that !!!get pulled over for dirty tag,, it will inform you they care more about your comings & goings,than preventing real crimes !!! then let the naysayers deny they care.. as is typical, they won't care until this is used against them.. what bothers me about this, is our tax dollars are being used to compile data for private industry ... the ACLU NEEDS TO STEP IN TO THIS AND SOON !!!

wishmistress - 7/27/2013 4:09 AM
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I care Real.

Realchange - 7/27/2013 3:54 AM
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Trust the government? They have database entering where you are tracked at storing that data. Many of you say that's fine I don't care. Maybe you don't care that soon your employer will have access to that data. Maybe you don't care people who have to stand up to the government abut the wrong it does will be tracked like animals. Maybe you don't care that it sets precedents for new invasive procedures down the road for your children and family. This system will be abused. How do I know try being a sick desert storm vet when the government says you can't be sick go away and die you will never be service connected.
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