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Floridians Getting Free Cell Phones That You Pay For

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Action News Investigates the free cell phone program you are paying for. A look at how Florida is trying to crack down on fraud in the program.

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whosaysnocan - 11/21/2013 9:18 AM
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These phones are not a necessity. They are a luxury. If we could not afford to have cell phones, we would not have them. This is an insult to all those that work to provide for their own lifestyle. No surprise that there is fraud with this program. There is always abuse and fraud with most of the "entitlement" programs. There are many programs that need to be revamped and wipe out those that are gaming the systems. I know there will always be less fortunate within society, but to give these any luxury items is a slap in the face of those that work, pay the taxes on their work just to see these people hanging out all day taking and not giving back. Just what to they have to talk about and whom are they talking to? Set up phone banks where these people are allowed a certain time limit to phone whomever they need to talk to. Maybe they could get a job through it. I am so angry with all these programs and those that will not try to better themselves and then these pass down the "secrets" to their children/family on how to game the government and never have to seek employment. I also wonder what the disability is for that veteran that spoke in this report. How much is he receiving for said disability. What does he spend his money on? I am a veteran and I have much concern for many of them. I pray those that are in need receive what they require to live comfortably, but then there are some that are like this guy. What's up? Your comments were offensive and managed to anger those working to pay for you to hang out and use a free cell.

eviltwinmorgan - 11/21/2013 6:31 AM
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"I think the government has too much waste. People are able to get free cellphones, food stamps, housing and stuff like that," one taxpayer said. My tax money is also going to foreign wars, the Egyptian military, and a host of other bull. If I have to deal with that, then you have to deal with helping the poor.

Truthseeker - 11/21/2013 4:29 AM
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"Floridians Getting Free Cell Phones That You Pay For" What is wrong with this statement? There is nothing that is free!!! Everything is paid for by somebody. Those of us that get up everyday and go to jobs pay for the no loads out there. Contrary to what people think, a phone is not a necessity. For that matter, neither is the Internet. Plenty of people get by every day without either one of them. If you want the nicer things in life get off of your cans and GET A JOB.

angels072258 - 11/21/2013 3:21 AM
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I have had my free government phone for years and cannot tell you what a blessing it is. There were many times that I was not home and someone needed to get a hold of me. If I did not have that phone on me know one was able to track me down. There are few items these days that you can actually get for free. So I disagree about the fraud allegations. Some people don't like it when some one else gets things for free especially those that can afford them.
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