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Hidden Taxes in Healthcare Bill

Jacksonville, Fla.-- It's going to affect everything from tanning beds to burgers. It's all hidden in the new health care law.

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Spice - 3/24/2010 4:29 PM
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The house was cleaned in 2009! @leroyjones with the remark that you made yesterday & the Kool-aid one today it kind of sound like your a Racist to me??!! @Mamaw2 depression? I guess your having a little memory lose your Mr. Bush is the one that has The Country broke!!! @waterman & tbclean were was YOU and your Tea Party 3 years ago? You should of been trying to clean house then! They should have a form were the one's that protest this bill can't benefit from it! When you, your children, or your grand children need the benefits of one of the many things that this bill propose they should be able to say NO didn't support it so you get NOTHING!

waterman - 3/24/2010 2:37 PM
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We are just beginning to see the hidden agenda of those that supported this bill, and the reason that it was done in secret. I for one suggest that those supporters enjoy the remainder of their terms ( as I believe it will be their last). I will vote against everyone who supported this bill. I am not one of the over $250,000 per year earners; but why should they be punished for working hard, investing their money and taking the chances that kept all of us working that wanted a job, until the government got involved and now look at the mess we are in. I hope and pray that in the up-coming elections, we will have enough backbone to clean house, from the President on down.

leroyjones - 3/24/2010 8:58 AM
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Somebody has been drinking to much of the KOOl-AID!

susangbailey - 3/24/2010 8:48 AM
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Tanning increases the risk of skin cancer. So, a tax on tanning is fair to help cover the increased health care expenses. It's like the extra taxes on tobacco & liquor. The reporting is sensational, uninformative & unfair. To be fair every time you report the 'cost' of the plan you should also report the millions this plan will 'save' by reducing the deficit & the number of people who didn't have healthcare before who can get it now. How much will the infant mortality rate decrease?

leroyjones - 3/24/2010 8:10 AM
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It just make me sick to read all these comments about this bill. If everyone would take the time to read these bills and become more aware about politics and the clowns that their voting for, we would not be in this fix now!

Mimi47 - 3/24/2010 7:32 AM
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This 'health care' bill is more about taxes than health care! Our ancestors LEFT Europe because of being taxed on everything, now the people in charge want us to be in the same position! I don't think so! This war was fought and won before, and we can do it again!!

Realchange - 3/24/2010 5:51 AM
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What happened to free health care for all? New taxes in some form or another to pay for it. Fines if you can't afford health insurance and don't fall into the right poltically correct category ? Word subsidy replaced with the word tax write offs. Companies that have a long history of beating the system to make profits for their bosses are just going sit down and accept this? They will let it pass then years down the road buy the right indivduals in poltics to get new laws added on later on. Laws that favor them and keep all the new customers in their place at the same time. Bet on it. Look at how people from Katrina were treated by insurance companies thats the history of this bill down the road. Starts ok at first then years later will become a living nightmare. There will be people who don't qualify for government add denied help and required to pay fines because the fall through the cracks in the system. Others will find new ways to scam this system and become mega rich without ever getting caught. That said this system would been great if there had been some kind government safe gaurd to ensure low cost for all. Forget the line about can't use up your insurance there is no life time cap. That's the first law to go. Simply look at the city of Jax cap on lawsuit injuries we seen recently. "I am sorry but you can't sue us for that much for medical we have cap in place. " Thats whats going happen regardless of the new law these companies hire the best lobbyists and lawyers out there and pay them well to keep the money they collect. Get real when you face the facts money makes this country. Every time you put alot money in big business hands it very very rarely gets used for the people's good. Who here thinks 32 million new customers are all going get gold Congress level medical treatment with the new bill ? The laws will be slowly changed by lobbyists, new congress laws, some judges greased here and there the list goes on. You will pay more get less in few years.

jayallanb - 3/23/2010 11:30 PM
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I wonder why you did not cover this before the vote! Now you make it sound petty with paying more for tanning, etc. Insurance premiums will go up due to mandates one of which is the coverage of preexisting health issues. The IRS will have access to your bank account and can freeze it at any time and the bill raises, not lowers, the deficit. There was double counting and siphoning off the savings of medicare into other programs and adding the doctor fix will elevate the cost and cause deficit. The doctors fix was not included into the version of the bill the CBO received because they did not want it to show a deficit because this would void the reconciliation rule. I hope the supporters of big government won't complain when they have to pay for a bill that will fail.

mamaw2 - 3/23/2010 11:28 PM
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I can not say or put in print the way I feel about this "health bill". We've got the sorriest leaders in the White House we've had in decades! They do not care about what the "majority" of the people want, just what they want. Even though they know it's unconstitutional.I say "GO Attorney Generals"!! The more the merrier!!Their so called health care bill will cause more illness than the swine flu could!! Plus, in a "depression" like we have now, instead of helping the small business owner, they want to trample them down. This administration is all about robbing the poor and giving to the rich. I guess that's called redistributing the wealth. The only thing is, we're on the road to socialism if something isn't done in November. God help us all, and God bless the USA. Sincerely, Mamaw2

tbclean - 3/23/2010 11:24 PM
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Let's clearly state what is being glossed over, the increased taxes are aimed at luxury services and goods. I can only speculate but, most people doing tanning, teeth whitening and other cosmetic spending can stand to absorb a percentage of the increased tax percentage should those business owner elect to pass a portion of that cost on to them. This is no different than taxing tobacco, liquor and other non-essentials people like to spend money on. And hidden and unknown should not be confused, now with these so called "hidden" items outed the reform still looks good, show me the bad stuff, I'm waiting.
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