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Michael Dunn jailhouse phone calls: 'I hope to be exonerated'

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Updated: 2/17 8:23 pm
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In newly released jailhouse calls, Michael Dunn compared his situation as a victim to that of a rape victim.

"It's not quite the same but it made me think of the old TV shows and movies like how police used to think when a chick got raped, they'd be like, 'Oh it's her fault because of how she was dressed.' So it's my fault because I asked them to turn their radio down.  I got attacked and I fought back because I didn't want to be a victim and now I'm in trouble."


The conversation is among hours and hours of recordings just released to Action News.

In another call, Dunn told his father Phillip Dunn, "I hope to be exonerated."

"I think you're going to come out good," said Phillip Dunn.

"I sure hope so, pop," replied Michael Dunn.

"You're a good person, and I think pretty much anyone would've done the same thing," said Phillip Dunn.

Throughout the hours of phone conversations, Dunn expresses his love for Rouer, who ultimately would testify in Dunn's murder trial that Dunn never mentioned anything about a gun in their drive back to the hotel on the night of the shooting.

"When the shrinks are evaluating me, they ask what's the best part of my life and I told them it was you," sobbed Dunn in a collect call that he made to Rouer from the Duval County Jail in December 2012.

The first phone call made on December 2, 2012, is an hourlong talk between Dunn and his father, Phillip Dunn.


In the phone call, Dunn's father blasted Robin Lemonidis, the first attorney on the case. Phillip Dunn told Michael Dunn the family hired a new one.

"That woman attorney is bad news; I mean really bad news.  She's just a money-grabber," said Dunn's father.

Phillip Dunn said of the new attorney, Cory Strolla, "He is awesome."

Dunn's father said Strolla instructed Michael Dunn not to speak to anyone about the case or even smile.

"Because what happens is you can cry for a half-hour and one smile and they'll have the one smile all over the newspaper. This thing is viral; it's all over the place because he was a black kid," said Phillip Dunn.  "Don't make no comment.  We know we're all terribly sorry it happened but you got to defend yourself."

Dunn also got through to his fiancée in a collect call from the Duval County Jail.

"Hey, sweetheart," said Dunn.

"How are you?" asked Rouer.

"I'm doing OK," said Dunn.

"I can't believe it's taken this long to get a hold of you," said Rouer.

"I'm in a room by myself, I'm fine.  How are you holding together?" asked Dunn.

"It's been nerve-wracking. There's been reporters coming to the door; it's just been nerve-wracking," said Rouer.

"I love you very much, will you please call me tomorrow night?" asked Rouer.  "I will, and be strong. I"m being strong for you, babe," said Dunn.

"I will be home this month, and I will see you next week for my birthday," said Dunn.

In another call to his fiancée, Dunn described a letter he received from his first attorney, Robin Lemonidis.

"She found some YouTube videos of these guys and they're all gangster rappers," said Dunn.  The defendant said the music videos were taken down the very next day.

A jury convicted Dunn on three counts of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at the friends of Jordan Davis.  But the jury deadlocked on the murder charge.

The State Attorney's Office says it will retry Dunn on that count.  The next hearing in the case is set for March 24.

Dunn faces 30 years in prison for each count of attempted second-degree murder, with a 20-year mandatory minimum, and 15 years in prison for the conviction on shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

Those calls can also be found in the video player on our Jordan Davis page of our website.
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Practicalnomad - 3/9/2014 10:42 PM
0 Votes
This thug, Michael David Dunn, will be sentenced in March, 2014. I hope the Judge sets his prison term at 60 years, plus 15 years on another of his charges. At 47, and with no parole, this would make him eligible for release at 122 years of age. Obviously he'll never live that long, however, that term is still too short for this cold blooded killer! Michael Dunn lied on the stand numerous times. He stated "thug" wouldn't be a word he used, if anything he'd have said "rap crap"? He was using and calling people "thugs" in his letters, well over a year prior to his trial. His county jail cell is a day in the park compared to what awaits him in prison! The general prison population isn't shielded from the media and Michael Dunn's racism and hatred is well known to all. Michael Dunn's Father, (Phillip Dunn), warned Michael about letters and calls from jail. Michael Dunn obviously ignored the warning and incorrectly felt he could use these toward a media advantage, again he was wrong. We'll most likely read that Michael Dunn was killed in prison or repeatedly beaten severely. He'll be subject to gang rapes and the risk of HIV or Hepatitis C, both rampant in our prison systems. Reading Dunn's letters and listening to his calls, it's interesting how "everyone" else is always wrong. Michael Dunn has criticism for virtually everyone and his ego is beyond measure, particularly for an individual who dropped out of High School his junior year. Michael Dunn has only himself to blame, it's that very ego that made him a murderer and prisoner for life. "You're not going to talk to me like that" a witness stated. It's Michael Dunn's ego, the alcohol he drinks too much of and his gun that shaped Michael Dunn's future. I, for one, am glad this lunatic will be locked away for the rest of his days. It's unfortunate that Rhonda Rouer walks free, she had a cell phone and "every" opportunity to phone 911, both their actions were inexcusable.

king kaos - 2/17/2014 1:53 PM
2 Votes
What an absolute MONSTER this guy Dunn is! I had no idea he was SO terrible of a person! Talking to his DAD? His FIANCEE? What is this world coming too? Now poor thugdog Jordan, theres a REAL man\boy. His BREFF smell gud fo dose ladies dog and dats fo reelz! Also he aint gonna take no shid from WHITEY, no ways no hows... he guna turn dem lights out fo good tonights and den post it on world hiphop doggs and be a supastar, BET! Come on man, what the F you c and k is going on here? What are they even doing down there? what is the point of being there? what are they standing up for at the Gate gas station? Lower gas prices? Better access to beating down any whitey they want? Why didnt they make a big deal out of the fact the kid driving in the front seat DID TURN THE STEREO DOWN, at which point J-dog in the back starting talking smack and flashing weapons? The music was down low enough that Dunn could here D and doggs saying "U gonna take dat from whitey ni..." "U gonna die tonight" as he was getting out. So it was OVER, Davis had to escalate it. Why wasnt this a stand your ground case? Oh wait, Zim was NOT guilty so we had to PAY somehow so Dunns the sacrificial lamb? I dont think that makes sense. Too bad the kid died, but it could have been avoided and not by a guy with hearing problems asking someone to turn thier music down. Is it like that now? If a BLACKrican Americant is doing ANYTHING at all, as a white person you cant SAY OR DO ANYTHING? REALLY? for realz? Nothing, no matter WHAT? The dude left the scene of the crime and went to LAUDERDALE, BAD MOVE but thats not 1st degree murder. He didnt stick a gun in his pocket and say "Im gonna kill me a ni... tonight and his name is Jdog, YEE HA". that would be PREMEDITATED or 1st degree murder. Is CORY RETARDED? I know that and Im not in LAW. So if you kill a black its automatically 1st degree murder, but if some thug walks up and kills you by punching you in the face its misdemeanor assult. OK that makes sense. STUPID

nativejax - 2/17/2014 12:37 PM
1 Vote
They are STILL down there at that gas station 'vindicating' the actions of 'thug behavior' as ok. Well Jacksonville, don't forget to stop in there and get your gas today and MAKE SURE YOUR MUSIC IS LOUD AND CLEAR, MAYBE SOME GOOD GOSPEL OR ROCK AND ROLL? I mean, since they don't want to turn theirs down even when they are asked nicely. We should let them know we won't turn ours down either.
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