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More than 50 emergency calls to police from Fat Kat Nightclub

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There have been 70 calls in just two years to the Fat Kat nightclub in Murray Hill.

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jazzy1 - 2/20/2014 11:22 AM
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King Kaos you must not have a life at all. you post of here every single day which clearly means you do not have a job. Maybe you should stay off this website worrying no not even worrying just commenting on everything which you do not even know nothing about. you are very disrespectful to other races and it shows that it's not only black people that act like they have no class and no education but some white people act the same way. in other post you did not even spell africans correct. you think every black person is a thug which is clearly not true and say they are cancerous but white people like you are cancerous also and does not make america any better. Maybe you should find something better to do with your life like become a news reporter since you like putting your two cents in so much. your name really does describe you best you are full of drama and kaos so do us a favor and get a job and stop commenting on every story you read. we would all appreciate it.

king kaos - 2/20/2014 10:09 AM
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OK so you close down Fat Craps and then... all of the scumbag thugdogs go and ruin some other club. Its pretty simple. I would be willing to bet if this thug haven is shut down, the new black kitty owner will go and open up another one himself, it happens like that ALL THE TIME. I was involved in a few club ventures in Tampa and it was the exact same scenario. Any clubs we had would eventually start getting the thug life losers in and the good paying\non trouble making folks would leave and youre left with this nonsense. You want to stop the violence, dont close the place down; only play country music or classic rock or even contemporary rock and watch what happens. The thugs leave and your left with a great clientelle who again feels safe and youll have no problems except the occasional white kid that drinks too much and thinks hes a comedian or your best friend and he "loves you man, no really, youre the best and I love you dude!". Maybe a pushing match from time to time and some loudness but you wont get the constant fights, the shootings and the terrible behavior that comes with the cancerous thug life that plagues our cities and streets. Thats what we did and it worked like a champ. In fact youll get a good mix of folks that just want to go to a SAFE place where they can hang out and have fun and not worry about dying, plus lots of hot women to pull in the guys and youre set... no more of the afreakants, just good old Americans(white, black, tan or whatever)...

Truthseeker - 2/20/2014 4:20 AM
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There is one thing about businesses, they get the class of clientele that they cater to. If you cater to thugs, you get thugs for customers.
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