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New Confederate license plate brings skirmishes

The state of Georgia has released a new specialty license tag that features the Confederate battle flag, inflaming civil rights advocates and renewing a debate on what images should appear on state-issued materials.

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king kaos - 2/19/2014 4:20 PM
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The problem is simple. afreakants dont understand society or what it means to be part of an advanced culture. they were very recently as far as history is concerned, pulled from the jungles by thier own kind, they were enslaved or sold to spanish slave traders who brought them to the americas to resell. they have not had time, as the thousands of years that the Europeans have had, to get to a educated and advanced culture. they have not evolved past the kill or be killed, take what you want not what you work for society. they are a few hundred years out of the jungle, and we bought them and then were forced to set them free in a land and with a lifestyle they simply dont understand. They see a Confederate flag, dont like it an automatically, even instinctually ATTACK. They have no idea what civilization actually means, what is expected of a "succesful prosperous citizen of a advanced culture" and we are wrong for expecting them too. Look into thier eyes, the lights not on in many cases, its a tribal, preman look. A combination of fear and wonder, they dont know what is going on and cant get a hold of thier surrowdings and it makes them insane, rampage if you will. So on one hand they are correct in blaming "us" for all of thier issues. We should have taken the freed people and immediately returned them to thier afreakan home, like Liberia. So we did with many but others CHOOSE to stay and now 200 years later, they have forgotten all of that. Most just know that they cannot live in this society, its not thiers and its not right for them. They are expected to be productive, to help and not hinder and it simply doesnt compute. We are not the same, there are diseases and sicknesses and ways of thinking and acting that are very unique and specific to afreakans. Read the studies, do the research. Its not racist, its facts but again you will be attacked becasue of the lack of understanding. Tell your dog to cook dinner tonight, when he screws it ask why. same thing folks

nativejax - 2/19/2014 1:47 PM
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Pretty well said, Realchang, except there is one 'place' that destroys our U.S. flag, the middle east. They are silently trying to have it removed permanently as we speak. And Obama is right in on it.

Realchange - 2/19/2014 1:35 PM
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Why do black people endorse African countries and never give them any grief? Most the slaves sold and were slavery is most rampant today is Africa. Yes slavery is wrong. Also just as wrong is forcing people to accept the "official" black version of events. Not every Confederate solider owned slaves in fact many did not own slaves was to costly and they recognized it as being wrong. The North made policy and demanded the South follow through or else. The war was not to end slavery as widely publically believed. It was to prevent the South from becoming a Southern United Confederacy separate from the Northern United States. It is interesting to note when the South won the first battles in the War and Northern cities lay under their control they did not burn women and children out their home. Yet in order to win the war with the South the North did what we would consider serious war crimes today. Destroying homes with the advent of winter coming on to force men to choose between the war front or saving their wives and children. Also contrary to popular history the Union soldiers did rape, pillage, and loot as well. So maybe we should demand the US flag be taken down as well ? After all we have see it flown when Indians were massacred where the government refused to honor its treaties. We have seen it flown where Japanese Americans were interned losing all their goods with no just cause, meanwhile German American spies sabotaged many war effort yet no internment camps for them. We have seen a country where in world war 2 hung Germans for crimes against humanity but on the same page turned around and bought bio warfare information from a Japanese war crimes criminal who did far worse. Blacks seem to think they are the only people ever wronged by a flag. American Flag has just as man war crimes committed while it was flying yet there is no out cry to remove it. Read your history and understand propaganda when you see it.

z00my1 - 2/19/2014 12:30 PM
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It's a part of history! People need to get over themselves! This country will never move forward if we don't STOP looking at "HISTORY" as being "SLAP IN THE FACE"!If the negativity were taken away from "HISTORY" maybe OUR children would better understand the lessons that the past have taught us. Our Fore-fathers were the suffers and worked very hard to create a country with harmony.Should we take that away from them? I think NOT!!
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