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Pit bull owner arrested in St. Johns County

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- A warrant was issued for Julie Shumer after her pit bulls allegedly attacked a woman and a dog.

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Oyvey - 1/23/2014 4:55 PM
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Shaka the Pit bull Police Dog

Jaloney - 11/17/2013 4:02 AM
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There is a reason they are not paying stars to promote poodles on t.v. When dog fighting was legal, no one incuding dog fighters promoted pitbulls as pets. After the government made dog fighting illegal they spent millions on a public relations campaign to popularize the breed so they can hide their vicious and sadistic "sport" in plain sight. "stars" are paid a lot to peddle pitbulls on t.v. just like big tobacco used stars to promote cigerettes. Pitbull owners are duped. They are the pawns of wealthy dog fighters that don't care about victims or pitbulls. Every pitbull owned helps hide dog fighters. We have a sea of one million overbred unwanted pitbull euthanized each year in the USA. There is a billion dollar untaxed economy surrounding pitbull dog fighters. Pitbull owners should know that their choice helps a pitbull die in a fight pit everyday. If you own a pitbull you are supporting dog fighters. dupe (dp, dyp) 1. An easily deceived person. 2. A person who functions as the tool of another person or power. 3. To deceive (an unwary person). See Synonyms at deceive. tr.v. duped, dup•ing, dupes

Jaloney - 11/17/2013 3:57 AM
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The pitbull you have today might be the monster that kills tomorrow. Not every animal behaviorists is a sell out to the wealthy dog fighter promoted pitbull lobby! Words from a world reknown animal behaviorist and evolutionary biologist that isn't a sell out to the wealthy dog fighters: I've seen many pit bull puppies that have seemed fine until their sixth or seventh month, at which point they suddenly tried to kill a playmate they'd been fine with until then. And so on, including family pit bulls that suddenly killed a child or an adult owner at the age of five or eight years. The bad wiring can't be detected in the pitbulls first six months of life, -- or at any time until the pit bull has been cremated. There is no training that will counteract genetically determined behaviors SEE Heritability-of-Behavior-in-the-Abnormally-Aggressive-Dog-by-A-Alexandra Semyonova on scrib dot com. Several of the genes involved in this sudden, pathological aggression have been identified. The differences in brain structure and chemistry that they cause are clear (training doesn't fix deviant brain structures). The mechanism -- why the genes activate when they do -- hasn't been figured out yet. Get a hold of this animal behaviorists book: The 100 Silliest Things People say about Dogs.

nativejax - 11/15/2013 9:21 PM
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She's a thug. She smirks at the camera like she has done nothing wrong at all. I hope she gets the max and then some...the heartless biocth.
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