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Prosecutors rest case in Brunswick baby murder trial

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The mother of a murdered Brunswick baby briefly returned to the witness stand Wednesday and did not face tough questions like she did the night before.

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wishmistress - 8/29/2013 4:42 AM
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t...yes. The big scam for years has been the 'Just $1 can protect your child...' blah, blah, blah. People think they get that insurance for good intentions, but it's just garbage. ........... Capt...TOUCHE. Right on. ........... c9...Anyone can be a 'rev'. So sad, but so true. Pathetic, yes? ........ Gary, I agree in theory. However, this is a dysfunctional family to begin with. It's not always easy to put ourselves in others shoes. .......haz...True. Wrong is wrong. Where do we begin now that MLK is dead and his original followers are destroying his legacy?

stats dont lie - 8/28/2013 10:20 PM
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DeMarquise be my friend

tlynn - 8/28/2013 10:01 PM
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Something about this case really stinks!!! Have any of you ever known anyone that is "tight on funds" to take an insurance policy out on an infant?!?!? Just saying…Something about this isn't right!!!

CaptA60 - 8/28/2013 5:49 PM
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Well if the defense has their way Elkins will walk free, because the mother has issues so they want to blame her. Lets make sure none of us get any life insurance on any of out kids because if we do then we will be blamed should something happen to any of them. I guess the mom and sister just lied for him for no reason they wanted to be in the spot light Don't count the Rev out just yet or the NAACP that will come into play if he is found Guilty.

c9bcrewman - 8/28/2013 5:27 PM
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yes where is the naacp? they never do anything when a black kill's a black.if it was a white person they raise hell. something is wrong there. jesse Jackson is biased. he is a reverend and had a kid out of wedlock. the black's have there own set of ideas. come on let's stop this senseless killing's. dah. why don't the black's protest when a black man kill's? some thing wrong there. dah.

GaryG - 8/28/2013 4:11 PM
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Make no mistake anyone who would even point a gun at a child is a total waste of human flesh, and this slug should never see the outside of a prison again. At the same time there is something wrong with this woman if she valued her purse more than her child. If anyone had ever threatend one of my children I would have given up anything including my own life to protect them. How could she even consider arguing with someone who has a gun pointed at her child?

hazardtec - 8/28/2013 1:34 PM
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Where is Rev. Al & Jesse Jackson now....No riots in the streets.....Thats right white baby dies by accused black kids.....We all need to remember that right is right and wrong is wrong
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