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Sex offender charged with murder of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A sex offender who police say took a mother and her children to Walmart is now charged with the murder of Cherish Perrywinkle.

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paste - 6/29/2013 12:19 AM
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That stupid woman killed her child by just handing her daughter right over to him. He was walking away and thinking what kind of mother would do such a thing, so if she didn't care, why should I. That mother should also be thrown into jail with him, since she thought so highly of him.

kallen1046 - 6/26/2013 4:29 PM
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I just want to remind people that even a castrated male can still be a sexual offender. that does not necessarily stop them. He will be protected in prison. he won't be in any danger. right now he is stating that he did not do it!! Can you believe that!! they police are desperately seeking a double stroller that was in the van. Cherishes mother left it in smith's van. believe it or not, they actually rode in his van from dollar general to walmart!! So anyway, if anyone finds a stroller such as this please call police immediately. don't touch it as it is very important evidence. God Bless the siblings of Cherish. We love you here in Jacksonville. <3

Stumpy - 6/26/2013 1:23 AM
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Macann, after reading your post I have no doubt that you thought the little girl's Mom was being the best Mom she could be. Its just that some people are simply not cut out to be parents. Often they are too young or simply refuse to believe that it could be their child that gets taken. They become far to trusting of any honest face, but then, just what is a sex offender supposed to look like to begin with? And what is with the racist comment? Its 2013 and you have to come in here acting like a reject from the fifties. Those days are long past. They're over with and our generation simply won't stand for this racist crap any longer. So please, either get with the rest of us or spew your hatred elsewhere.

Stumpy - 6/26/2013 1:10 AM
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I feel very sad for the murdered little girl. While I agree that the mother was negligent in the care of her child, I seriously doubt her skin color had anything to do with it as one person who posted in here would lead you to believe. I think the racist need to find their kicks elsewhere. As for Mr. Smith, who was just released from jail 21 days prior, I also doubt he was on the radar of the police as they would lead you to believe. Because if that had been the case, then they would have found a way to keep a much better watch on him considering that he had not even been out of jail for a month when this murder took place. But the real blame goes to our legal system which consistently puts monsters like this man back out on the streets after multiple arrest. We need a three strikes law like that in California to clean up our streets once and for all. And frankly, anyone who is found to be guilty of being a sex offender to any child who has not reached maturity should not only be castrated, but should be given the option to stay in jail or have "I'M A SEX OFFENDER" tatooed across their forehead, giving the rest of us a heads up when they attempt to go near our most precious asset, our children.

Curious - 6/24/2013 6:28 PM
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Will the mother of Cherish Perrywinkle be arrested for child endangerment? If not, is it because she is white, as the writer below implies? Are there comparable cases in which a black parent was arrested?

John E - 6/24/2013 6:15 PM
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Change the law to include mandatory castration within 30 days of a guilty verdict involving molestation of a child without any opportunity to appeal. If that doesn't cause them to keep it in their pants, at least after that there won't be the urge to assault any more innocent children!

M1A MA9101 - 6/24/2013 5:10 PM
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A dead child molester will molest no more, a dead murderer will kill no more, a dead sex offender will offend no more. We as a society must put away this kind of evil from among us or this will never stop. Till then; live with it as you have no other choice

nativejax - 6/23/2013 4:58 PM
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FL Cracker, you ALSO sound idiotic..This is absolutely horrendous. Even if THIS mom(or any mom) was slack at her parenting when her daughter followed this monster to McDonalds within the Walmart...We SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO TELL OUR CHILDREN DAILY THERE ARE MONSTERS OUT HERE THAT WILL TORTURE AND KILL THEM. The system is still failing our children, why? Because of prison overcrowding? What a sorry excuse, to say our children's life's are LESS important than a habitual drug user who spends decades behind bars. These murderous monsters cannot stop preying on innocent children, the laws are failing them. God is still watching and WAITING for our legal system to WAKE UP.

freebie - 6/23/2013 3:13 PM
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Ms. Perrywinkle we are so sorry for your loss, and we pray for you and your lovely family. As far as Donald Smith: What is the difference between a sexual offender and sexual predator? Both are the same, a predator is an offender, an offender is a predator, it's a bunch of double talk. The judicial system has failed once again by permitting this maniac to walk the streets after committing heinous acts against innocent children since 1977. All the prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, politicians etc, should be hanging their heads in shame. You are all the reason why poor little Cherish isn't with her family today. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

FLCracker92 - 6/23/2013 12:37 PM
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Can't believe the amount of idiots on here that think the mother has no culpability... Hmmm... let's run through this one more time based on the story as it is currently being reported...Mom just met this guy 4 hours prior... knows nothing about him but he seems nice..he offered to buy her ALLOWS her 8 year old to walk out of her sight, clear to the other side of a store with this man that she has only known for about 4 hours...what could possibly go wrong... If those are the actions of a good parent, no matter how dire the financial situation is, I will kiss your behind. Quit making excuses for this woman, her negligence led to this child's death...sure she is devastated and rightfully so... I don't think I could live with my self if I had let my own stupidity result in the death of my child....SMH.
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