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Trayvon Martin supporters rally in Downtown Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wearing hoodies and chanting "No Justice No Peace", dozens of Trayvon Martin supporters rallied at Hemming Plaza expressing their disappointment with the verdict.

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flagreyhound - 7/15/2013 5:12 PM
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Where is the outrage of the Hispanic people on the onslaught of political and racial attacks of George Zimmerman. The man represents a model citizen and has acclimated to this country’s ideals that many immigrants on the path to citizenship hope to obtain. In this political arena being fanned by the media, a man was declared innocent by a jury of his peers, is now the target of hostility and life threatening attitudes by political groups, government officials, and major sports and Hollywood stars. Emotions are being whipped up by a prosecution team after the fact, that should never had tried this case after the judgment of a trial by jury. What kind of justice is this except to fan flames of emotion that is going to pit the races even further apart, including the Hispanics who are the largest growing minority in the country. Any other time, this case would never been taken to this level, a lower charge would have probably been made, pleading would probably been done and no court needed. Only by politically driven people in and outside of Florida with their own agenda put a model Hispanic citizen whose only concern for his neighbors safety, now in continued jeopardy. A court of law decided he was defending himself according to the law at the time the act transpired. All law abiding citizens and especially Hispanics should be outraged at this overt political race attack on George Zimmerman.

Gunny48 - 7/15/2013 8:49 AM
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@chopper55: Next time you are getting your face smashed in, your head beat against concrete (and in danger of losing consciousness) by a much younger and stronger assailant feel free to re-evaluate your comment.

chopper55 - 7/15/2013 8:07 AM
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Most of the comments are EXACTLY why Jacksonville is still COWFORD! "Dressing" and "acting" like "thugs" are 2 separate issues. Try to keep them separate. So if a woman wears a mini skirt and a tube top and dances provocative at a club is she "dancing" and "acting" like someone who should be raped/assaulted? The bottom line is an ARMED man killed an UNARMED man who was beating him up. Has nothing to do with clothes or actions (which if I am correct was walking home from the store) Zimmerman is a vigilante cop wannabe. BTW I am a middle aged WHITE woman. Thanks

RiverRat - 7/15/2013 7:50 AM
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What they need to do is teach their young men not to dress and act like thugs. If you look like a thug, act like a thug and dress like a thug you are going to be treated like a thug. That is not racial profiling.

Truthseeker - 7/15/2013 4:27 AM
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Since most of these protestors are Obama voters, you can't expect too much intelligent thinking or understanding from them. This whole incident is way beyond their mental capacities.

Realchange - 7/15/2013 12:09 AM
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Not one of these people understand the real Martin nor do they care what he really was like. He was not some sweet innocent kid. He was trouble waiting to happen why does the news not bring them copies of his cell phone texts and copies of his school violations. Practically on first name basis with the high school resource police officers. So many infractions in school they just couldn't get anything to stick other than his liking to fight and hurt other students for anything. Trying to buy street guns as well. Wanting to make a school snitch bled some more after he had already beat him to a pulp. Class act and these people believe he is some kind saint. Imagine if he thought Zimmerman was snitching on him to police he might doubled back and attacked him. Something caused him to go back and attack when he could just hungup on that girl he was talking to and called his dad or the police and reported he was being stalked. No instead he decides to attack because this cracker doesn't know who he is dealing with and about to find out.
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