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Verdict watch: Michael Dunn jury asks to see 'dummy with the sticks'

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Updated: 2/14 8:40 am
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The jury in the Michael Dunn trial asked to see the "dummy with the sticks" during Thursday's deliberations, one of several questions posed to Judge Russell Healey as the panel pushed forward to a decision.

Prosecutors used the mannequin earlier this week to show the paths of the bullets that killed Jordan Davis.

Defense attorney Cory Strolla raised concerns about jurors handling the mannequin, nicknamed "Bendy."

The judge ultimately decided the mannequin could not be sent back to the panel because it wasn't entered as evidence, it was only used as demonstrative evidence.

The jury sent another question to the judge about 25 minutes later, asking for a dry easel or large paper.

The jury also said one set of instructions was missing pages 32-41. Court workers rushed to fix the problem.

The questions from the jury came about ninety minutes after Strolla held a news conference with local media, where he touched on a list of topics from State Attorney Angela Corey, the George Zimmerman case, race, politics and the sub-culture of thug music, and Michael Dunn's life behind bars.

"He's in good spirits, he's holding up," said Strolla of his client.

Strolla said he's pleased to know the jury wanted to see the Gate gas station surveillance video.

"They told me they're listening to me," said Strolla.

The jurors told the judge they wanted to end their day at 6:15 p.m., with or without a verdict.  They held to that.  The judge thanked them for their work and sent them back to their hotel.

The panel will be back at court Friday at 9 a.m.  Action News will be there, too.


The jury, in its first full day of deliberations, began the day watching the video, unedited and from unseen new angles.

The jury began deliberating the case Wednesday around 5 p.m.

Three hours into deliberations, the jury asked to see the video.

After a discussion between the judge, the jury and attorneys, the judge decided to end deliberations for the night.

Thursday's court session began with a lighter moment when the jury returned to ask for an external monitor to watch the video.

Dunn faces one count of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and one count of throwing or firing a deadly missile.  He faces up to life in prison if convicted.
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Thejudge - 2/15/2014 10:09 AM
0 Votes

amybarnbyude - 2/14/2014 1:50 PM
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coliebug 85 - 2/13/2014 7:29 PM
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First he killed a young man because of loud music. Y not just walk over and ask him nicely to turn the music down.I really don't think Jordan had a shot gun.Mr.Dunn is saying it was self defense it was he did it because the music was not his kind that he listens too.Plus he pulled the trigger nine times then left the crime scene and went home and ordered pizza after killed a seventeen year old.Jordan's two friends that was with him are very lucky to be alive.I feel really bad for the Davis family because one they lost one of their kids.I hope and pray that y'all get justice because that man killed someone else's child.In my mind and heart Mr.Dunn so rot in prison just like the other people out there that kill.And also believe that Zimmerman should also be behind bars rotting away.But Davis family I have kept your entire family close to my heart and I think everyday what would Jordan be doing with the future ahead of him.Fight for Jordan and the justice he wants y'all to have.Don't give up and remember his above all of y'all watching and keeping y'all safe.HIS NOW THE GUARDIAN ANGEL ABOVE;)

Terri75 - 2/13/2014 5:53 PM
1 Vote
CaptA60 Dunn should have called police immediately in concealed class they tell us carry a cell phone too. Why they waited 4 days to search the area and where if they searched everywhere says a lot to me.

Terri75 - 2/13/2014 5:45 PM
0 Votes
I served on The Duval County Grand Jury in 1980, and we were the State Attorney's friends and the ASA's also. From what I've seen Angela Corey doesn't seem to know the difference between a Jury and The Grand Jury. With a Grand Jury you present facts you have and say should we go to trial not having to really prove anything unlike with an actual Judge and Jury and a defense attorney.

king kaos - 2/13/2014 4:48 PM
1 Vote
no way, it wasnt first degree murder, A Cory screws it up again. Its funny, or sad, to hear how much she is hated and how the rest of the legal world has NO respect for her and thinks shes an absolute fool! Way to go Cory... Now back to first degree murder, he didnt go there looking for someone to kill, it wasnt premeditated and thought out, it was the result of a confrontation. I know the little thuglings were on thier way to church and to help grannies and girl scouts cross the busy streets after all thats why they needed the gum and cigarettes so thier "bref" didnt stink right? At least thats what people want us to believe right? These guys were out looking to mess with whoever they could, they had something to prove and Dunn just happened to be the first one to cross thier paths. The thing is not all of them seem terrible. In fact the dudes in front originally were cool and turned the music down right. It was after that issues arose with the "you gonna punk out to whitey" type stuff. Anyway its not first degree by a long shot, Dunn isnt going to take the Zimmerman verdict on his back, and shouldnt, and if you want UNARMED CHOIR BOYS TO STOP GETTING KILLED, maybe teach them some manners and RESPECT FOR OTHERS and how about just life in general. Stop acting like animals, stop teaching your kids to act like animals and you wont be treated(and killed) like animals. Why dont rich white people that "are on your side" come to your neighborhood? Why dont they send thier wives, daughters\sons and mothers there either? They can come on here and say all they want but its thier ACTIONS that count at the end of the day. So why is that the case? Why arent they there, rioting in the streets WITH YOU? maybe they know you will "take it out on them", like an animal, even though they are on your side? Maybe they see the "knockout game" and think "thats NOT going to be my or my family". Maybe they are smarter than they seem and maybe we are ALL sick of it... Maybe

king kaos - 2/13/2014 4:38 PM
0 Votes
ronaldj - who the heck is Richard Dunn? Are you even paying any attention to this or just shooting your mouth off? Also the DIFFERENCE that YOU explained in your below comment. When the 5 WHITE "punks" were playing there heavy metal music loud and you looked over and "NODDED AND GAVE THE THE WHATS UP"... what happened??? THEY DID IT BACK:). They didnt start saying "hey blackey, were going to kill you. get ready to die tonight. now you done did f-up, time to pay" OR ANYTHING else. well at least according to you. Thats the difference man, you come at us with this "you did something to me" attitude and I dont know you from the next dude pumping gas or doing whatever. So now when we DO interact, you are going to be confrontational and automatically turn something benign like music too loud into a crazy gun battle for my life. And that attitude that comes from young black men who are angry at the world becasue thats what they have been taught by thier peers, by thier music, by thier elders; so why is it SO hard to beleive he wasnt taking something in the truck and trying to imply it was a weapon. The sad truth is most times when you are dealing with a young black man, you hold your breath to see how he is going to act towards you(I know this is true for black and white(black on black crime is a direct result)), if he doesnt try to act like a thug, great lets talk and hang out but too many times they do. Again thats not my fault of Michael Dunns fault or George Zimmermans fault. This has been going on too long, whites are supposed to be afraid of blacks I guess? Is that what we "owe" you for slavery? Does that empower you? Guess what, we are getting sick of it and this is the direct result of your actions, NOT ours. If you want it to change and if your expectation is to have a different reaction from us, GO AHEAD AND CHANGE. We are on the DEFENSIVE at this point man, you guys have been on the offensive for more years than Ive been alive. Bottom line.

1country - 2/13/2014 4:27 PM
1 Vote
Which is the DUMMY ? the grey thing or the one in the red jacket ????

TEvans - 2/13/2014 4:05 PM
1 Vote
He's guilty the jury is taking their time to get it right.and that guy's mom is not on the jury she's a convicted no one should be alarmed the jury's getting it right first degree murder

coldhardfacts - 2/13/2014 3:07 PM
1 Vote
This has all the makings for a "NOT GUILTY" verdict
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