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Zimmerman painting targets special prosecutor Angela Corey

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - George Zimmerman is releasing a new piece of artwork, this one portraying the special prosecutor who charged him with second-degree murder.

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MadameX - 1/24/2014 1:41 PM
1 Vote
George must have gotten distracted as he forgot to paint in the pitchfork.

viejo - 1/23/2014 8:51 PM
1 Vote
Neither truth nor justice means anything to any lawyer anymore.

nativejax - 1/23/2014 8:12 PM
1 Vote
If I had an extra $100,000. I would buy it in a heart beat. For 2 reasons, 1- because I think Zimmerman is a very talented and he captured Corys 'two face's better than any artist I've ever seen. And 2- I need something to chase the rats out of my shed outback.

king kaos - 1/23/2014 4:16 PM
2 Votes
Cory is disgusting and needs to be put on trial herself. She lies cheats and steals to get what she wants, not at all what is right! How can she even still be in office after the Zimm nonsense? Then she fires her head IT guy for TELLING THE TRUTH? How can that be even POSSIBLE since shes supposed to lead the team of truth and justice? maybe becasue shes worse than most of the scum she puts away? Zman got this dead to rights, again, Cory you SUCK

ScalyManFish - 1/23/2014 9:46 AM
1 Vote
Holy crap! Not sure if we're talking about Angela Corey the "Prosecutor" or as imtellin keeps typing... Angela Corey the "Prostitutor." I feel a sick now.

imtellin - 1/23/2014 4:31 AM
4 Votes
with prostitutors such as corey, it is not hard to believe the prisons have an awful lot of innocent folks in them..... now multiply that prostitutor by x # of counties in a given state x's 48 states & you beging to get the picture... add to this mix the prostitutors are more than likely elected or appointed & aspire to a higher calling & you get the picture... smug, self assured prostitutors, who use the law to further their own personal ambitions ???? remember the prostitors in the other orlando case, the ones who were smiling when defense counsel called them on it !!! it was on t.v. the one with the dead child ??? casey anthony !!!

Realchange - 1/23/2014 3:27 AM
5 Votes
Fact that many refuse to acknowledge is Trayvon Martin was violent, a thief, combined drugs together for fun, and more. If you review the cell phone texts that Corey tried to hide it also shows a young man capable of murder. Beats the hell out a fellow high school student then comments he has not bled enough for me. In that event he describes that he hates snitches. Then few days later is shopping for street handguns taking offers to try to buy one. Both Judge Nelson and Corey kept this information out the juries hands but wanted the jury to know about Zimmerman's past. That Martin was thug criminal was kept off limits. Ask yourself if you would want honest Corey deciding any case for you or trying you in court of law.
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