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Share Your Green Ideas!

Do you have any ideas for going green? Share your tips here!

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angelcatnjaxfl - 4/25/2011 7:28 AM
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I have had this idea for some time now. Just I don't have the physical strength that it would take, nor the money to implement this plan. Although I could oversee it and design it. I thought of it as a business, when I had a lawncare business years ago. I stumbled across a website, actually I Googled it...'Rooftop Gardens'. I had seen one on tv where the man lived in NYC and had a huge garden on his apartment buidling roof. Anyway, the pictures of them alone inspired me to take it one step further. Businesses. Wouldn't it be nice to have a private rooftop for your employees to take breaks. Nothing elaborate, just some fresh air, outside, not being cooped up in a cubicle or office all day. A few small trees, a bench or some lounge chairs...a 'getaway' place from work. Plants = Good environment+employee benefits = happier, healthier workers = increase of work production. It's a win-win situation. No swim pool, but would still have that 'full-spa' or hotel-like effect, even for just a little while. Perhaps it would not only increase work production, but employees working and striving for something besides just their daily routine of working...they could have office contests, or participation in plants, etc. If interested, reply to this comment, and maybe we could start out on a small scale and graduate up to more...depending on building sizes, permits and measurements and all the necessary details of such a project.

lloyd733 - 11/29/2010 7:46 PM
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I have an idea on a method of manufacturing foresight that will add a new dimension of Recycling, called Cross Industry Parts Interchange. Please visit the page to read the short article. It involves looking at interchangeable parts in terms of redirecting them to other applications when their intended or useful life is exhausted in their intitial application. Read about it here:

hillkarri - 9/6/2010 4:57 PM
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using reusable diapers. I know it's gross but it helps save alot of not only the environment but money!

HELT LED - 4/6/2010 10:45 AM
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Dear All, The green idea I would like to share with you guys is to use LED lights. I began to do so like several years ago and at the end of the day I have even launched small local company to help people to approach this technology. You can check on facebook: HELT LED LIGHTING. We can reduce the electricity bills up to 70% and I cut down the profits in order this technology can become high runner-implemented by the entire world. Go Green, Go HELT

green jim - 3/2/2010 8:22 PM
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also u can catch rainwater to do laundry its free and a lot softer and cleaner water

green jim - 3/2/2010 8:12 PM
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i am saving 1000 gals of water a month by catching rainwater to flush both toilets.i use a 1000 gal plastic barrel behind my shop useing a 12 volt rv pump sending water 150 feet to my house.useing a 12 volt deep cycle battery and trickle charger until i get a solarpanel.i have 200 dollars in everything

green jim - 3/2/2010 8:04 PM
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hi; my name is jim i live in lincolnton n.c. i am saving 1000 gallons of water a month by catching rain off my building and useing a 12 volt pump and flushing my two bathroom toilets for the last 6 months. i save the wear on my pump and save power.i do know4people use 1000 gallons a month

bnangel - 1/18/2010 1:49 PM
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1st please go to They do great work & with the devastation in Haiti, no tome like the present. Also go to check-out Earth Day Webcast. Thank You, Peter Insalaco @

SIER1 - 10/12/2009 9:35 PM
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Green Light Savers are a Glow in the Dark Green Safety product designed to save lives and the environment. Green Light Savers provide a Self Illuminating Escape Route to safety. Don't be left in the dark again. No wiring-No electricity-No batteries-No maintenance

Kool Kitten - 9/24/2009 8:19 AM
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I moved here a couple of months ago from California. Where are recycle drop off sites in this city? Okay, that was a hint and a question all in one! : ) One thing I do to cut down on power usage is- I bought a wardrobe rack and when I do laundry for my family of 4, I hang all t-shirts and anything else I can to dry. That way when I wash 4-5 loads of clothes a week, I only run the dryer 1-2 times. Not to mention it keeps your clothes newer for longer!! :)
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