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Boycott Florida movement grows

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida's $67 billion tourism industry could take a hit if opposition to the state's Stand Your Ground law picks up steam.

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binamarples - 7/26/2013 2:56 PM
1 Vote
yeaaa!!!! I hope the heck they do boycott us!!!

HighLife - 7/23/2013 12:55 PM
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Today, 7/23, Beyonce and Jay-z announced that, in support of Trayvon Martin, repeal of SYG, and a review of self-defense laws, they join the Boycott Florida movement and will not perform in the state until their demands are met. Checking neither of them have a concert in Florida through the rest of the year. That's solidarity, B&J. Thanks for givin' it up for Trayvon.

BlackPerson - 7/22/2013 10:08 AM
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Thou dost protest too much. I feel by saying the protest comprises of nothing but black minorities YOU people convince yourself that it can have no real effect on the your tinny world. By suggesting a couple of liberal whites may also stand with them it will not be enough to effect your tinny world. Everyone loves you. YOU are good find upstanding group of moral people who are valued in the long run more than any former slave could be. A bunch of black celebrities are NOTHING compared to you. Expect now it is NON WHITE celebrities. Bruce Springsteen. HIS fan base looks a great deal like you but he is willing to give them up to get rid of a racist law. The great flood begins with a tinny drop of water. And the people who travel to your state will dry up. YOU will feel the sting of your racist ways. The way to change YOU people's heart (if you have one) is to hit you in your wallet. YOU people love money as it gives you people your power. Threaten that power and your attitude adjusts.

BlackPerson - 7/22/2013 10:02 AM
0 Votes
Thou dost protest to much. I keep hearing how the boycott will have NO effect on Florida. And I keep hearing how only Black celebrities are supporting it. BUT last time I checked Bruce Springsteen is NOT black nor HIS fan base isn't even black. So maybe just maybe the boycott puts the fear of the dollar bill in the hearts of the heartless white people who just wish we would stop agitating your colors and just forget. That is the goal of the racist people in power in the state of Florida. Well guess what that was the wish of the people in Power in South Africa. It didnt work. IT took years to do and it was comprised of all races and many state. The thing about the racist people in power they are the short sited ones. They assume all people who look like them feel like them. That is your weakness. And that will be your down fall.

Thecomprehen - 7/21/2013 12:03 AM
2 Votes
SupportBoycott Florida! How much pain will the legislative body and the governor force corporations headquartered in Florida to endure. Florida's natural, Disney, Universal, AirTran Airways, Carnival cruise, ADT, Publix, Winn Dixie, Office Depot, Burger King is where we start!

joyous - 7/19/2013 5:55 PM
0 Votes
Terri75 they dont need to carry guns...hahaha....if you look at Wonder, Sharpton, Jackson they all have body guards and they carry the good point

whosaysnocan - 7/18/2013 6:11 PM
1 Vote
Well said "blackmanrising." I have wondered, out loud sometimes, when will the black community stand up and do something about their brethren? With the cry for the Million Sons march to save your sons, and the reports of the lost generation~on the 2nd by now~of black men due to incarceration, what is it that many want from America? I have the same questions as you. What more can we do? Boycotting this state by this particular community will have little impact. Example:while eating at a restaurant, a large group of blacks are seated. They are demanding, messy, rude and leave NO TIP. Do not go out much~cannot afford that luxury~but never fails that we witness this type of behavior. No big loss for FL. Before there is a cry of racism, it goes both ways. Many just do not want to admit it due to fear and intimidation. Breaking point will come. Wonder how this will turn out for all of us.

blackmanrising - 7/18/2013 4:21 PM
3 Votes
Let's stand our ground with forward thinking because...ONLY A GOOD FOR NOTHING KNOW NOTHING BUT BE A SLAVE WILL CALL FOR A BOYCOTT. DEAR BLACK AMERICA 2013 Let's look at boycotting through the eyes of Katrina... so the question is: HOW DID THAT BOYCOTT WORK OUT FOR US? Where were the black universities, organizations, churches, communities, neighborhoods, sororities, volunteers and black hospitals? Where were the Black Panther Party, Moors, Masons, black Israelite's, black Hebrew's and the rest of the black American conscious enclave? Where was Black America's red, black and green flag, buses, planes, boats, water trucks, food wagons and clothing stores? How come black American's did not go to New Orleans to save our own black people? White America waited 4 days to see what black America was going to do and what did we do? We went on our hands and knees crying, begging, whining and complaining with our tail between our legs to white America. It was white America and the white American government that finally showed up with buses, planes, boats, food, clothing, medicine, water, white volunteers AND THE SAME, EXACT AND IDENTICAL ITEMS THAT BLACK PEOPLE WANT TO BOYCOTT.. Without shame, dignity, self respect or remorse Black people want to boycott when we can't even wipe our own a@# without calling on other races for toilet paper.and why will black people call for a boycott of Florida only when Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is none the better if not worse? Instead of black people taking personal accountability and responsible to be our brothers keeper to build, discover, invent, produce, manufacture, distribute or educate it is easier to stick our thumbs in our mouths, run to Africa , blame Obama or cry boycott like little slaves niglets until our white master parents pat us on our overgrown rusty black heads and give us an extra slice of uncle toms cornbread. Take a good hard, long look in the mirror at our own black

Terri75 - 7/18/2013 1:52 PM
4 Votes
The media not telling the truth and constantly publishing the middle school photo of Trayvon is fueling this mess. Why hasn't the media asked Al, Jesse, and Stevie if they fired their armed guards? Why even after the trial do you show Trayvon the 12 year old student vs. Trayvon the 17 year old muscular gangster with smoke coming out of his mouth, gold teeth, and tattoos? George Zimmerman should sue every TV station that did NOT show the real Trayvon just the cute little middle schooler rather than high school picture.

HighLife - 7/18/2013 12:04 PM
4 Votes
I don't think the "Boycott Florida" movement goes far enough. Its based on fallacy, to be sure. GZ's acts and his acquittal were based on classic self-defense. It wasn't a SYG case. So, the movement should be enlarged to encourage Florida black racists to boycott Florida completely by moving to another state. Collections should be taken to fund U-Haul rentals for racists who can't afford a truck. If "boycott Florida" succeeds, it could be the best thing for the state as folks who want to get away from racists flock to Florida to fill the vacancies in housing, employment, etc. b-bye.
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