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Dog owners question link between meds and death

ATLANTA — Grieving animal lovers across the country are coming forward blaming a popular pet drug for killing their dogs

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ratgirl22003 - 11/14/2013 1:52 AM
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I am also A Veterinary Technician of many years and I agree with nanerkins. Heartworm Disease is no joke and Trifexis is a great product-I have to wonder if it really is the cause of the tragic deaths. I give it to my dog and for all our clients in good conscience. If you don't trust Trifexis that's fine but please do your dog a favor and don't forgo heartworm prevention-the heartworm disease will kill your pet and the treatment is thousands of dollars and could also kill your pet.

LBKropp - 11/13/2013 11:54 AM
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My otherwise healthy 8 year old female pitbull went into adrenal crisis after taking Trifexis and stayed that way for a month. She finally came out of it but her adrenal gland is completely killed, it registers no activity. She now has to have $200 steroid shots monthly to stay alive. She will forever suffer from taking this drug. It is so unfair that loving dog owners are trusting this product and it back fires on them and harms their animals... even kills. I have still not completely let go of the guilt of giving this to my girl. If you Google Trifexis you will come up with mainly negative feedback. This drug has GOT to come off the market. If you have had an adverse reaction PLEASE report it to FDA. If they get enough, they will shut them down and make it public! Its the only way to stop it. Elanco takes no responsibility, I reported to them and they could have cared less. No it will not affect every animal but the % is high enough to shut them down. Seizures, liver failure, heart probs, adrenal failure, etc etc etc. Take the warning and don't take the chance with your pet!!! The vets get kick backs for this drug so do not believe them when they say its safe!

CissyClancy - 11/12/2013 12:53 PM
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My dog has been taking it since Dec 2012 and first 4 months vomit and sleepy (lethargy)within 40 minutes of each dose. Them he got skin irritation and lumps like bright red and almost looks like exema. That has his beautiful black coat with spots all on his under side, on his chest and both sides. I have been giving him Benadryl which has stopped the bright red and not giving him Trifexis since the dose in September. No vomitting, no more Red Bumps or sores popping up. At first I thought it was fire ants or some other biting insect getting him when he goes out to do his potty. I'm new to the south and never had any of my pets have any of these issues nor have any of past pets had Trifexis. As well as not knowing all the various new insects here compared to up north. After lengthy research about Dog Skin Irritations and found Trifexis and Skin Irritations and so the images which are exactly what my "Murphy" has been dealing with for way too long. Needless to say I haven't given him any meds for heartworm for almost 2 months to make sure this poison Trifexis is out of his system before I put him on Heartgard which is the normal med I always gave my other dogs in the past. IAlso my dog doesn't go outside unless on a leash and to his designated area for potty. So I'm sure his issues are from Trifexis and I am not willing to let my dog die or be poisoned by Chinese products!

nanerkins - 11/12/2013 12:37 PM
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I feel terrible for all of those grieving pet owners...I too am an animal lover who has worked in the veterinary field as a vet assistant and I see the horrible effects of heartworm...I own 2 dogs who have been on trifexis for the last 2 years and they are as healthy as they come...maybe I am (or they are just lucky) but I have to swear by it. Our last dog we had who was 13 when we moved to Florida from upstate New York had gotten fleas the first year we were here...he was deathly allergic to them and my vet here put him on trifexis...he never had another flea or any of the problems these poor pets in the news story had...he lived to be almost 16 which was amazing for his breed.Again... I am so sorry for all of your heartbreaking losses...but maybe more research should be done for other common denominators in the deaths...

megaman1045 - 11/12/2013 12:20 PM
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My dog Kelsi, a 10 yr old American Bulldog, started on Trifexis April 1 2013 ... she suddenly became ill May 5 2013 ... I had to put her down June 3 2013!!
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