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Dunn Trial: Gunshots sent kindergarten teacher running for cover

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Updated: 2/07 7:48 pm
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A kindergarten teacher told the court that she ran for cover when the sound of gunfire erupted at the Gate gas station on the Southside.

The trial of Michael Dunn ended just before 5 p.m. Friday.  Sixteen witnesses took the stand in the last two days.

Alyssa LeBlanc and her brother, Chris, ended the long day of testimony.  

She said they were leaving The Loop restaurant when shots rang out.   She had her 2-year-old nephew in her arms.

"Stopped briefly for a second then ran to my car," said LeBlanc.

The early part of testimony on Friday generated some laughter in the courtroom.  A close friend of Jordan Davis told jurors he and his pals stopped for gum and cigarettes while on their way to the Avenues Mall to pick up girls on the night of the shooting.

Tevin Thompson, 18, told the court that he and Tommie Stornes went to pick up Jordan and Leland Brunson for a night on the town. They went to Thompson's house to change, to "dress up" to pick up girls at the St. John's Town Center.

The four drove in Stornes' red Dodge Durango to Urban Outfitters at the Town Center where they picked up Jordan's girlfriend, Aliyah Harris.

The group then headed for the Avenues Mall. They decided to stop at the Gate gas station for "gum and cigarettes," Thompson said.

Prosecutor John Guy asked why.

Tevin replied, so my "breath could smell good." The comment drew laughter from the courtroom.

All three of Jordan's friends took the stand Friday.

The driver of the Dodge Durango, Tommie Stornes, told the jury he saw a man identifed as Michael Dunn, point a gun toward his SUV. 

The day began with Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer Robert Holmes on the witness stand.

Leland Brunson, 18, is a senior at Wolfson High School.  He lived a block away from Jordan Davis.  He told the jury he saw Michael Dunn pull out a gun, aim it out his car window toward Jordan Davis and fire multiple times.  He said his best friend fell into his lap and died.

Paramedic William Spicer testified early Friday morning. He worked on Jordan Davis during the ambulance ride to the hospital.

JSO Sgt. Brian Shore and Officer Michael Forster also testified Friday.

The trial will carry into the weekend.

Saturday's session will run from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The trial could take up to two weeks.

Visit our special section on the Michael Dunn trial for more video and stories.
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TEvans - 2/10/2014 11:09 AM
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Carmel11 you don't have to explain to these racist cowards whites play thier music loud all the time reasonable people like u and I have should make sure we keep our concealed weapons permits let them lose theirs these jackasses won't shoot they are cowards.They get excited when others do what they are far as I'd to do

1country - 2/8/2014 2:56 PM
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so the older kid was buying cigaretts for the younger ones? when do the contributing to the delinquency of a minor charges come?? want to bet they don't!!character of these kids is starting to show.

nativejax - 2/7/2014 6:18 PM
1 Vote
Sugar coat your IRRESPONSIBILITY for obeying the Law anyway you want karamel11, the FACT that this boy got into a car with a DRIVER that had a criminal record has made it what it is. White or Black, they BLARED their music and ANNOUNCED THEY WERE UP TO NO GOOD by their 'actions'. They pulled onto private property and out of TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR PEOPLE, THE LAW,AND THE BUSINESS THEY WERE PATRONIZING. THEY DID NOT TURN IT DOWN. When asked to turn it down nicely they did, but another cranked it back up. THAT'S WHAT STARTED THIS WHOLE STUPID EVENT. If a child is screaming in a restaurant and disturbing everyone's peace, they are asked to quiet it down or leave. Why does anyone think it is okay to rattle my windows and wake my grandson every time you come next door to visit my neighbors? IT MAKES YOU ALL DISRESPECTFUL THUGS. I can give you a million examples of a thug, but you would defend and bed them anyway, so why bother...yuck

king kaos - 2/7/2014 5:35 PM
0 Votes
Also see how real change did that??? When there was a question about something, in this case THUG, he went and RESEARCHED IT!!! Good job real, you again get a gold star for the day! Its quite simple with this whole internet thing... you dont even have to go to the book shelf or the library or bob the hobo down the street! You get a REAL answer that is in fact, well its in fact FACTUAL and not based on what you feel like it being at that moment bella907(let me guess, thats your weight? maybe your IQ if you take the numbers seperately and add them up? Did I lose you? Sorry!). So before you go getting all crazy with silly "sumptions" about what things mean and how they work... go ahead and use the internet for something other than facebook or myspace or myface or whatever else you silly kids use it for and get educated! Its really alot of fun and keeps you from sounding like a TOTAL IDIOT(you may still sound like an idiot when you start to see odd trends like how there is a minority population that commits a majority of the crime and runs around blaming everyone else for thier problems(Google it and see if you can find out who Im talking about and heres a hint too! They USUALLY dont speak Chinese!!!)) but at least you are an EDUCATED IDIOT at that point and can argue as such... which means even if folks dont like whats being said, they cant just shut you down like I did with you! cool beans right(is that still a relavent saying? I havent heard of a rap song named cool beans but I dont know if thats still the gauge!). Have A GREAT night!!!

king kaos - 2/7/2014 5:28 PM
0 Votes
Ill tell you what, I may be a bit more radical when it comes to this stuff but realchange has got the best point. He jetted and didnt hang around and wait for the cops to come at which time he claims self defense. He could have even drove down the street and called from there but to Miami??? Thats a bit excessive and brings him up a rank from Corporal Stupid to Major Idiot. I think this was a stand your ground case, but I think the leaving the CITY was not good. The "pals"(really, REALLY? PALS? reeee-leeeeee?) also jetted and CAME back, all while letting thier PAL(come on, really really for really real action jax? for real real???) bleed out while they did.... while they did WHAT??? so we have "martin part II" where sure it shouldnt of happened but it did and its sad and blah blah blah but at the end of the day its a simple case of the MINIMAL of RESPECT... just show some RE-SPECT. thats it! Its EEEEZ ZEEEEE, I promise... Give it a try, respect yourself #1, then your folks, then your family, then your elders, then your peers then the world and TA-DA, this ALL GOES AWAY! The end.

king kaos - 2/7/2014 5:21 PM
0 Votes
Well you dont have to attack anyone physically, according to the law, and in fact if your talking smack like "Im going to kill you" and then start reaching around the car like a "tough guy"(sorry "dogg" to you) then yeah, you do in fact have a right to DEFEND YOURSELF. Instead of talking on the porch, you have access to the internet, DO A BIT OF READING about SELF DEFENSE and STAND YOUR GROUND. You will start to realize the only reason theres not a whole lot more dead thugs, is they have been getting lucky "knockin out dem woods wifout a gat". But what you dont realize is dem crackers you be messing with are the same ones that run around saying "Afreakan Americant people are good, its the few bad ones" which i have found the exact opposite of the truth. I know some great Americans that are not white, black, whatever they are to you... oh yeah "Uncle Toms" or "house negroes" or whatever someone who wants to excel and be a part of society is now a days, I dont keep up on that vernacular because I think its disgusting and truely self hating nonsense. Anyway the reality is someone can come at you, throw you on the ground and start beating your head against the concrete and you can blow them away and its LEGAL, in fact you can claim self defense and not even worry about stand your ground... HOWEVER, just becasue you think its not "right" or smiley joe the hobo down the skreet told you that unless someone has a gun up to your face, you cant do NUFFIN sadly doesnt make it true. if that was the case you would have stopped receiving welfare after the 3rd kid or year, take your pick(see Im a VERY nice and socially conscious guy, I just cant stand STUCK ON STUPID and I also cant stand LAZY or IG-NOR-ANT(not ignant thats not a word)). So do the research, or dont, I really dont care becasue you are going to stay stuck on stupid and Im going to stay in my big house with my big land and my big guns and not interact wif yall. Thats what college and money allow you to do! Neat!:):)

king kaos - 2/7/2014 5:09 PM
0 Votes
Wow its nice to see the Afreakans coming out to b lokin out doggs! Skrate up. Actually the comments on here are so typical, and when I say typical I mean typical of the afrekan community(again I have NO issues with Americans that are not "caucasion", its the Afreakan Americants that can go and climb back into doze treez dogg) which is the problem here. Dont tell your kids to go and mess wif whitey, go play dat rap musix as lowd as u cans son, dat get dem reelz pissed! It also get people real killed, and in the meantime ruins thier hearing. These were a bunch of thugs running around getting dere breff(thanks for clarifying it was his BREATH, I was googling "breff" to see what dat wuz aboutz!). Also dont teach your kids to "axe" something, dont tell them "yo breff stank" OR dont expect people to take them seriously or them not to get killed(more than likely by another EXACTLY the same as the first) and definetely dont expect them to be succesful! Whitey is even getting that RAP market wrapped up now adays so there really inst a darn thing the thug life no moes! Isnt it neat to see the lowlifes come out in numbers? Have you guys and gals even picked up ANYTHING about "current events" since Zimm got off or was that just another homework assignment not worff doinz in dat dere two-und grades? Anyway welcome back to the real world, where you aint no pimp fo getting showanda prugnant wif her tenf kid(she did just turn 16 though, so shes a bit behind!) and she aint no playa leaven dem kids at home to be watched by da odest while u b outs wif dat dere pimp, GURL!!! Theres been alot going on while youve been living the thug life outside of Mr Dunn... the way your messiah Obummer is running this country you all may have to figure something out other than robbing and killing and sucking off the gubmint teat... shes going dry and the educated folks are stocking up on that ammo!!! Black and white, when the day comes African in front of American just wont be too good!:):):)

Bella907 - 2/7/2014 4:56 PM
3 Votes
Ok are we forgetting that whether or not listening to loud music is unlawful Jordan never got out the car.. whether he was trash talking or threatening the guy does not mean he has the right to be killed.. Jordan didnt attack him physically.. being disrespectful isnt against the law with the consequence of death. What is wrong with you people. Dunn went up to their car starting problems and he went with his gun so where is jordans self defense?? ohhh yeah he didnt have any why because he was killed before he could even get out the car to protect himself.. and self defense isnt killing someone.. I can see firing a warning shot but 4 shots and then more after the car took off.. Thats murder with intent plain and simple. Noone else got into the altercation but he shot at the car that had 4 other people in it. Thats not self defense

Realchange - 2/7/2014 4:54 PM
1 Vote
Another excerpt from Wikipedia: For example, the "safe" daily exposure amount at 85 dB A, known as an exposure action value, is 8 hours, while the "safe" exposure at 91 dB(A) is only 2 hours (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 1998). Note that for some people, sound may be damaging at even lower levels than 85 dB A. Exposures to other ototoxins (such as pesticides, some medications including chemotherapy agents, solvents, etc.) can lead to greater susceptibility to noise damage, as well as causing their own damage. This is called a synergistic interaction Endquote Playing music loud hurts no one....

Realchange - 2/7/2014 4:49 PM
2 Votes
Thug, a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire. Excerpt from wiki. It has been proven Dunn didn't raise his voice first. Jordan did start cussing and wanting to fight. Man F that pig is probably along something he said to start that. Turn that back up NOW! Sounds like respectable law abiding young black men.
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