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President Obama to visit Jacksonville next week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- President Barack Obama will be in Jacksonville next week for an event on the economy.

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Truthbetold - 7/20/2013 9:39 AM
3 Votes
If he's going to come here and run his mouth, he really should make it about something he knows something about, like thugs! "THE ECONOMY" he don't KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT! OR Benghazi or IRS or AP or Fast and Furious or James Rosen or ANYTHING that has to do with ANY scandal this criminal is involved with, he don't know ANYTHING about it! He only knows about GAY athletes and murdered thugs. WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Jimmy Carter is the happiest man on earth. He won't go down as the worst ever. It's really sad that the 1st African American president has done such a terrible job. That's not the legacy that good African American's I know wanted as the 1st African American president. This guy is a complete failure at EVERYTHING he's done!

imtellin - 7/20/2013 6:34 AM
4 Votes
maybe he'll be the victim of black on black violence,, or a stand your ground issue ??? what an ashhole this clown is.. are jesse & al appearing with this clown as well ??? he can't get legislation passed, so he has nothing to do...except interrupt television with his blathering comments that go on & on !!!3 more years of being a target,,james earl where are ya when we need ya ???

wishmistress - 7/20/2013 1:52 AM
1 Vote
Ya...what y'all said. BTW, papa...THE WEATHER IS FAKE, TOO. The govt. has been tampering with controlling it for years. Check it out.

nativejax - 7/19/2013 5:48 PM
6 Votes
I hope Mr O Bama reads these comments while he is here..."So you admit you are a thug? I absolutely believe you and Trayvon are of the same cloth, except Trayvon's THUG MENTALITY got him killed, that and 'absent' parents who dumped their troubled son off on someone else. You are not welcome here, I sent you a letter BEGGING you, when you got a elected your first term, to do something to STOP the Black men/boys from killing each other DAILY here in Jax and you have done NOTHING BUT THREATEN EVERY DECENT LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WITH THEIR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS INSTEAD. AND THE THUG KILLING CONTINUES and affects everyone here of all races...YOU SAY YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HIM, NO, TRAYVON WILL NEVER GROW UP, MUCH LESS EVER BE ELECTED A PRESIDENT., even by crooked votes, as you were. YOU ADMIT BEING A THUG AND NOW EVERYONE SEE'S YOU FOR EXACTLY THAT, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED. YOU HAVE MADE EVERYTHING FAR WORSE IN THIS COUNTRY THAN ANY PRESIDENT I HAVE EVER READ ABOUT OR HAVE BEEN PRESIDED OVER. GET OUT OF MY WHITE HOUSE, LET SOMEONE ELSE FIX THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE AND TRY TO FIX THE PROBLEMS YOU CLAIMED 'IN YOUR OWN WORDS', "IF YOU COULD NOT FIX, YOU WOULD STEP DOWN AND NOT SEEK REELECTION". WE KNOW NOW YOUR OWN WORDS HAVE BEEN LIES. Stay away and take all your thug followers with you.

HighLife - 7/19/2013 5:41 PM
6 Votes
If he moved his visit from Thursday to Furlough Friday, he could have an extra 6,900 disgruntled DoD civilian employees in the audience. We've got nothing better to do on Fridays.

joyous - 7/19/2013 5:32 PM
4 Votes
he could stay in washington and talk about the economy and save us all the money he uses to fly around the country BUT NO that is not the main reason he is coming. it is to give a speech about stand your ground laws in fla and Travon Martin...I guess even the president is not above getting a piece of the pie. Travon might have died that night but his parents, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, and our president are all disecting him everytime they speak or do something in his name. Celebrating his life would be a better testamony than to seek vengence(all in the name of peace of course) than to try and convict an hispanic male who has already been found not guilty....yall are no different than vigilantes who would tar and feather someone and run them out of town...shame on you all!

MadameX - 7/19/2013 5:21 PM
6 Votes
Maybe he's coming to console the prosecutors who had no case from the beginning. If that's his reasoning for coming, maybe he'd be better off going somewhere people will care what he has to say -- If I'm not mistaken, the verdict was Not Guilty for Self Defense -- What's his problem? Alan Dershowitz has said all that needs to be said about this case.

Papakilo - 7/19/2013 4:41 PM
9 Votes
What a bunch of phony baloney and hot air. What business is it of the President of the United States to comment on the outcome of a jury trial. When he, and the media do not bother mentioning the 60 blacks killed in Chicago or Detroit over the weekend. Blacks kill hundreds of their own race each month, yet one justified killing of a black by an Spanish individual in self-defense, is so wrong? Why has the media not told the public about the not so wholesome home life, and conduct of Trayvon, and the lack of teaching respect for those in law enforcement, teachers, elders, and other individuals? The media is a willing pawn of the real racists to railroad an individual found innocent in a court of law. When will the media wake up and provide the truth and the whole truth. Up to now, the only solid, truthful information the media provides is the weather. Do we really have more criminals elected/appointed to public offices, than we have in our jails?

Gunny48 - 7/19/2013 3:40 PM
3 Votes
The way this works is you give me your wallet. I take $100 and then give you $65 back. Then I announce to the fawning masses that I have "given" you $65. They of course are awe-struck and clamor for more....

Realchange - 7/19/2013 3:36 PM
11 Votes
Ask him about Travyon Martin's criminal past and how he identifies with the teen. Apparently he thinks buying street guns, being caught with stolen jewelry, using pot, bragging about beating up snitches is a normal phase for African American men. Seems like the news wont bring up Trayvon Martin's comments in the past that show how he was NOT a "good kid". I would much prefer Obama stayed away and boycotted Fla if he thinks TM was good kid we got serious problems.
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