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Video: Girl's short skirt sparks controversy

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- The mother of a kindergarten student in Henry County says she is upset that the assistant principal of her daughter's school called to report the outfit she wore to her elementary school Tuesday was inappropriate and a distraction to other students.

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spRee - 5/11/2013 2:14 AM
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She looks fine in the picture they took of her, but when you see her walking in the video her skirt is riding up and is clearly far too short. Even if she's wearing leggings. Yes, she's only in kindergarten, so she's probably not a distraction, but the dress code is put in place for ALL grades at the school. When does a child start becoming a distraction? The dress code needs to be followed properly for all. If she learns now what an appropriate length of skirt is then in a few years when something like that could be an actual distraction it shouldn't come up, because she's known how to dress since Kindergarten.

PernRider - 5/6/2013 8:26 PM
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I have a child her age, as well as two other daughters. I would not consider myself conservative in their clothing, but I am very careful to dress them appropriately. I have sent my children to school in outfits essentially identical to that girl's, leggings or tights, sometimes with an even shorter skirt! And guess what, never once have I had a phone call from their school ... not even when my daughter ripped her tights on the playground. ONCE I had another mother mention to me that my daughter's skirt was riding up a bit as she played, and I corrected it, and further "retired" the skirt. The closest that I'd say I've come to having an outfit labeled "inappropriate" was when my ex had dressed my daughter in a sleeveless sundress per my request, but neglected to put a longsleeve shirt underneath it (for warmth, not for modesty!), and she was loaned a sweater for the school day. There was NOTHING remotely inappropriate about that outfit, nor would a rational person consider it "distracting". If their was some kind of "malfunction" as per the stated dress code (maybe the elastic broke , why wasn't that issue mentioned to the mother at any point? If the skirt was too short, why was it allowed the week prior? Further ... how in the hell can you look at a KINDERGARTENER and say that her skirt (with leggings) is distracting? I think that raises issues regarding the mindset of the teacher or administrator who made the call, more than it does the mother. She was right, and within her rights, to redress her child in her own clothing, and to refuse to change the child's outfit. I would have done the same in her position, as well as demanding a better explanation of WHY it was inappropriate. Also, extra food for thought: MOST little girls' skirts are in fact not skirts at all, but shorts and skirts combined (skorts) for modesty as a child plays. I'd be willing to bet that is the case here as well, so that nothing COULD be showing. Except perhaps biases.

Dr1vePr0 - 5/2/2013 8:28 AM
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I too have a daughter in elementary school...I know first hand that sometimes her "school" clothes and "play" clothes are not the same and can't both be worn whenever she decides. Dress code is subjective to a degree and as parents we need to respect that regardless of our opinion. I have gotten a call before as well and it was not because my daughter left the house dressed inappropriately but on the playground her leggings were torn and now her outfit was no longer appropriate so I had to take my @$$ up to her school with some clothes in order for my daughter to conform to dress code. Not my fault, but I did it with no issues.

MomInHim - 5/1/2013 10:01 PM
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Why are there comments at all about the child's race? This story has nothing to do with race, and per the elementary schools dress code - this child meets every criteria. The skirt was an appropriate length, the shirt was an appropriate length and the child was wearing leggings beneath the skirt. Well done, Mom! Very poor judgment on the part of the assistant principal.

1country - 5/1/2013 4:26 PM
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Well I think someone has been behind the barn with Barack !! :)

Fred Thompson - 5/1/2013 12:35 PM
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WHO"S JEANS?? was she alternatly dresses in otherwise! If said artical of clothing was not hers??..That can lead to a law suit for inappropiate procedures as well as the childs dignity. If the mother "has brains enough" she should inquire with an attorney about the "JEANS" not those of her daughters!!

Gunny48 - 5/1/2013 11:43 AM
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"Dress code" means you abide by it but I think the child is well dressed!

Jagman0001 - 5/1/2013 11:36 AM
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This is not news. This is church gossip. When you read below you will see that the parent was contacted per school guidelines, which I'll bet the parent signed a statement of understanding. Then the parent chose to ignore the call. Hightower told Channel 2's Tom Regan that she was informed that she would have to bring a change of clothes to the Tussahaw Elementary School in McDonough. Because her car was broken down, she called a friend to take her to the school, but did not bring a change of clothing. "I would have taken her one out there, but I knew how she was dressed this morning. There was no reason to take clothing. I knew she was dressed real nice," said Hightower. The principal felt otherwise and has hundreds of children to worry about not just this one. The child was not judged...the parent was and because she got embarrassed she called the news and because it's about a person of made the news. I'll bet this happens hundreds of times a day across America...just glad it all doesn't make the news.

TOMMY - 5/1/2013 11:23 AM
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Its the parents fault for allowing her to purchase and dress this way, not the kid, mom picks out the clothes and she must be trashy herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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