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Local candidate target of possible racist graffiti

by: Erica Bennett Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's an act that's hard to ignore. Vandalism most consider disrespectful.

“We assumed the wind knocked it down, so when my husband went back to pick it up -- that's when we noted it had been vandalized,” Glo Smith said. 

Someone spray-painted Congressional candidate Glo Smith's face white. The sign was found on the ground near Interstate 10 on the Westside where it was held up by 12-foot poles. Despite that, and being on private property, it didn't stop the vandal. 

Smith also said more than 10 campaign signs have also been stolen. District 5 incumbent Corrine Brown said she isn't giving the incident much thought. 

“To be talking about signs is ludicrous to me. And whatever happened was unfortunate, but I do not personally believe in campaigning months in advance,” she said. 

Some fear Smith -- who's a Republican -- was targeted because of race. 

“She doesn't deserve that at all. I think we should learn from the signs if anything. Just because you're African-American doesn't mean you have to be a Democrat. Just because you're European or white, you have to be a Republican,” supporter Ty Williams, Jr. said. 

Smith agrees. In fact, she said she forgives whoever's responsible and is trying to move forward.

"For a moment, it was hurtful. But, it was motivating to say 'Glo, keep going on,'" she said.

At this time, the Glo Smith campaign has not taken this matter to the police. That could change, depending on how things develop. Action News reached out to Smith's Republican opponent Thuy Lowe to get her take on the vandalism. So far, no response.