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2 small kids found in locked car at Kings Bay base



KINGS BAY, Ga. - While walking through a parking lot, two sailors noticed two small children in a running car on Thursday morning. Scott Bassett, with base public affairs, said they immediately jumped into action. 

“They saw the driver of the vehicle go inside the building, so the sailors kind of stood by the vehicle and stood watch over it to make sure that everything was safe since there was kids inside,” said Bassett. 

After waiting a few minutes in the hot sun, the sailors called emergency responders to help the children out, then find the parent. “It was just a matter of a minute or less that we had security there and they got the parent out of the building,” said Bassett.

Karla McKay has two small children and says while it can be a hassle to shop with them, she can’t fathom leaving them alone. 

“It’s really difficult as a mom to bring your kids inside because sometimes they don’t care, they definitely want to be inside this car, but you have to do it,” said McKay. 

The parent involved is being questioned, and Action News is told the kids are safe.  The base public affairs office says it shared the incident on its Facebook page to raise awareness to everyone that leaving kids in a car at any time under any circumstances is unacceptable. 

“We’re getting this word out that you just can’t leave your kids in your vehicle at any time, but cripes, at least not in the summertime,” said Bassett. 

That sentiment was echoed by McKay. 

“In this world, anything could happen at any moment, so we have to have our children with us all the time,” said McKay.