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Bondi on synthetic drugs: 'They're selling it in pens'

by: Leslie Coursey Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Attorney General Pam Bondi came to Jacksonville to warn parents of the newest trend in synthetic drugs.

They come in colorful packages and are sold under clever names like Scooby Snacks, K2, or Cotton Candy.

And at a meeting of agents on the front lines of the drug fight, Attorney General Pam Bondi told Action News about the latest synthetic drug trend and the tools kids are using to smoke them.

"The newest thing is they're turning it into liquid and going after the e-cigarettes," Bondi said. 

"I did not realize that the electronic cigarettes can be opened and that they could be filled with a liquid synthetic," said State Attorney Angela Corey. "That is a very scary proposition for us." 

It goes further. Vaporizing devices used to smoke that liquid synthetic can look like everyday ink pens. Easy to hide. Hard for parents or teachers to spot. 

"They're selling it in pens. It's unbelievable," said Bondi. 

"Parents just need to be educated about what's going on in their communities," said mom Julie Jurado. 

That's why crime fighters are working to get the message out.  

"Tell your kids it's deadly, it's lethal. They shouldn't be taking it," said Bondi.

Bondi said her office has been talking to the manufacturers of e-cigs on ways to make them tamper-proof.