• Cleveland Arms residents dealing with bats, black mold consider lawsuit

    By: Cole Heath


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Bats and reports of black mold have neighbors at another local apartment complex considering a federal lawsuit.

    For months, we've been keeping tabs on the suit and how more complexes across our area are signing up.

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is one of the organizations the lawsuit will name.

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    At least six apartment complexes are involved now. One of those includes the Cleveland Arms apartments on the Northside.

    Action News went there Thursday and saw how it’s not just the mold neighbors are worried about.

    It’s the same story, just a different local apartment complex: mold, growing on the wall, windowsills and in the bathrooms.

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    Lamar Hooper’s lived at Cleveland Arms for three years with his family. He’s showed us where he said mold is growing around his place.

    “It’s nasty they come and spray it, then it grows right back again,” Hooper said.

    We knocked on the leasing office door with no answer and left a phone message. We also saw bats flying just feet away from children.

    Cleveland Arms isn’t the first local public housing complex working to sue HUD over health issues such as mold.

    But Bernard Daily Law Firm Legal Assistant Robert Barnhill said it’s the first complex that’s dealing with live bats.

    “This is beginning to be an epidemic and this is something be very detrimental to our children's health,” said Barnhill.

    There’s still no date for when the suit will be filed. We called the HUD office to get their side of the story as well and we have not heard back yet.

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