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'Credit card knives' confiscated at government buildings

by: Lorena Inclan, Action News Jax Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - They’re the size of credit cards but tucked inside is a sharp blade that could be used a weapon. 

At least six of the so-called “credit card knives” were confiscated at City Hall in recent days.

Action News Jax Crime and Safety expert Ken Jefferson said while they’re small, if in the wrong hands, they could be a major threat.

“It’s a dangerous weapon; it’s a concealed knife folded into a little compartment that looks like a credit card,” said Jefferson.

Which is why security officers know what to look for. The X-ray machine at City Hall can easily detect the weapon and guards are on the lookout.

The blade inside is metal but it’s tucked into a plastic case. And it’s not just showing up at City Hall; a stack of the same knives were confiscated at Orlando International Airport this week.

The TSA said it finds the credit card knives on passengers nearly every day.

According to Jefferson, the smaller the weapons get, the more security companies will have to adapt.

“Simply because all of them are not metal, they don’t have a metal trim or anything, so you’re going to have to do a cursory search, simply a basic, simply, courtesy pat down,” said Jefferson.

Security officers said for the most part, people forget they have the knives in their wallets. Regardless, the weapons will be confiscated at government buildings.