• During holidays, criminal background checks can be overlooked

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Security for your family and your business is extremely important, especially during the holiday season.

    Don Dymer, CEO of Single Source, said it’s during this time that criminal backgrounds are easily overlooked.

    He said he knows of cases in Jacksonville where criminals have tried to use a different name to get past the background check. 

    “Women in particular will use their maiden name thinking you’re never going to find them,” said Dymer. 

    But it gets even scarier. 

    “You'll have people move to the state and this has a lot to do with sex offenders who move from a state and often don't register and they may re-offend and get a job as a Santa for instance,” said Dymer. 

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    Alicia Lowisz said that’s something some parents may not think about when bringing their kids to malls to sit on Santa’s lap. 

    “I wouldn't want my kid sitting on a child molester’s lap,” said Lowisz. 

    “Some studies say 70 out of 1,000 Santa applicants have some sort of serious felony conviction,” said Dymer. 

    That’s why Dymer encourages all businesses to take the extra time when deciding who to hire. He said many of the instant background check websites don’t show all the needed information. 

    Action News reached out to malls in our area. We heard back from Noerr Programs Corporation. They deal with the Santas at the Orange Park Mall, St. Johns Town Center and The Avenues Mall. They said their Santas go through a details background check and an intense five-step hiring process.

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