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E-cigarettes off limits to minors with new Florida law

by: Jamie Smith Updated:


ORANGE PARK, Fla. - To smokers trying to quit tobacco, electronic cigarettes are the future.  But starting Tuesday, e-cigarettes will no longer be an exception to an old smoking law. One banning the sale to minors. 

"Anybody that looks like they might be under 30, we check IDs," said Ben Hughlett, owner of The New Leaf Vapor Company, a store dedicated entirely to e-cigarettes.

Long ago, the store, which has three local locations, posted signs that they prohibit sales to minors even though it's not regulated. As of Tuesday, it will be. 

"I think any responsible vap store has been self-enforcing that since they opened, as we have have. But now that it's on the books that's a good thing. 

All e-cigarette sales in Florida will require an ID come Tuesday. Even smokers say they like the new signed this month by Gov. Rick Scott. Especially, parents of teens. 

Any minor caught walking out of a store with an e-cigarette faces a $25 fine, three violations and they could lose their license.