• Jacksonville mother says she was forced to move from Westside apartment due to unlivable conditions

    By: Katie McKee


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville woman contacted Action News Jax about issues with the Westside apartment she has been renting since February.
    She says for $875 per month, the apartment at Heritage on the River had everything she wanted, a view of the water and space for her three children.

    But it turned out to be less than idyllic. The woman, who does not wish to be identified, walked Action News Jax reporter Katie McKee through the apartment to show her the conditions.
    The single mother says she has called maintenance several times about the water heater and a leak in the ceiling.
    She said maintenance personnel would come to the apartment, make repairs and leave. But the same problems remained.
    When our crew walked into the apartment they saw a gaping hole in the ceiling with a piece of plastic hanging from it.
    The renter tells Action News that maintenance workers cut a hole in the ceiling, saying it was a plumbing issue that was fixed.

    She said they left the hole, covering it with plastic that filled with water afterward.
    “I have to keep going up there to empty out stinky water and emptying out the pot from the water all over the floor.

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    It’s scary because I don’t know what is going to crawl out of there,” she said during the interview.
    Mckee also saw the closet where the water heater sits. The carpet was covered in rodent droppings, cockroaches and mold.

    McKee says you could also see holes in the water heater that had been patched.
    The mother said she moved out earlier this week because she refused to live with the issues any longer, especially with three small children.
    She says she sent a letter to the property manager last month, telling her that she was leaving and listing the reasons why.

    She tells us she was told that she won’t get her deposit back since she is breaking her lease.
    “It cost me $2,000 to move -- $2,000. I don’t have any money right now because I used it all to move," she said.

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    We reached out to the property manager, who didn’t have a comment and referred us to the corporate office, Princeton Management in Michigan.
    Princeton Management issued this statement:

    ”We take situations such as this very seriously and have spoken with the on-site management. Maintenance has been working on the repair since it was brought to our attention. 
    We will continue to follow up until the matter is resolved.” 

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