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JSO: Hospital patient drives himself home in ambulance

by: Alyana Gomez Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Inside the back of an ambulance, strapped to a gurney is how 54-year-old Ezickel Ford was transported to Baptist South on Wednesday.

But he told police, "I was tired of waiting so I left."

How he got home is the reason he's now spending time in jail.

Police said he found a running ambulance with the doors unlocked, sitting outside the emergency room, so he jumped in the driver's seat and drove himself home.

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Action News went there looking for answers.

His mother said he's been taking medication for a recent injury but that the medication made him sick, which is why he went to the hospital in the first place.

"I never knew him to do nothing like that, so the medicine must have had something to do with it," said Ford's mother.

Whatever the reason JFRD said they're baffled that this has happened twice now in less than a week.

"We just had our mouths agape, we couldn't believe it. Why would somebody do that?" said JFRD spokesman Tom Francis.

The first incident happened 4th of July weekend. At that time, we asked JFRD if they'd be making any changes to protect their vehicles from theft. Their answer was no. Now they admit there's a real need.

"Now of course internally we are codifying a new process, a new protocol that will hopefully make this a thing of the past," said Francis.

JFRD wouldn't go into specifics about what kind of changes they'll make, but said they likely won't be able to leave the vehicles running and unlocked.

The family said Ford should be released from jail but fear he could face more time later, now that he's facing a theft charge.

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