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Keeping guns out of reach of children

by: Letisha Bereola, Action News Jax Updated:


A three year-old boy is recovering Thursday evening after neighbors say he shot himself in the arm inside a home on the westside.

We now know the child was found bloody and sitting next to a semi-automatic pistol Wednesday on Whisper Glen Drive.

This is the 5th shooting involving a child since February. Sunday a 5 year-old was shot in his chest.

According to the Brady Center nearly 1.7 million kids in the U.S  live in a home with an unlocked, loaded gun, according to a report from the Brady Center.

Another finding from the Brady center says many parents underestimate what their kids know about guns in the home. Of the parents who reported that their child did not know the  location of the household’s guns, 39% were contradicted by their children.

If you must keep a loaded unlocked gun—the vice president of St. Nicholas gun and sporting goods rocky Rukab says there is only one way to do it:

“Keep it on or about your person and be aware of your children,” Said Rukab.