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Man accused of stealing an ambulance speaks to Action News

by: Deanna Bettineschi Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Ezickel Ford says Wednesday was one of the worst days of his life, and he can't even remember it.

He says he went to his doctor and was prescribed a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen – a combination commonly called Vicodin – for pain.

Ford says he followed instructions on the bottle.

"I got real sick; I started vomiting and sweating," said Ford.

Ford called an ambulance and it brought him to Baptist Medical Center South.

That's the last thing he remembers.

"Everything else was a blur," said Ford.

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Police say Ford stole a running ambulance with its doors unlocked that was sitting outside the emergency room at Baptist South.

"The individual who decided to use it as his chariot brought it back to his house, was sitting there apparently awaiting arrest," said Jacksonville Fire Rescue Spokesman Tom Francis.

But Ford says he couldn't understand why he would do such a thing -- then he looked at his new prescription.

"I was following the dosage and thought I was doing right, but I was way wrong," said Ford.

The directions on the prescription said to take one 325 milligram pill every hour.

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His same prescription earlier this year said to take one 325 milligram pill every eight hours.

Action News emailed the pharmacy and called the doctor who prescribed the pills to see how this could happen.

Ford says he's not sure who's at fault for this prescription mistake.

Ford says he does apologize to the first responders and police and wants to put this behind him.

The pharmacy and the doctor have yet to respond.