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Nearly 100 people without power in Atlantic Beach



ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - Almost 100 people are still without power in Atlantic Beach from heavy rain and wind Saturday.

Some neighbors say they've called JEA on and off for hours but are still without power.

George Rodenbaugh lived in his home for 34 years and knows just how quickly rain can compromise his home.

That's why during today's storms he made sure he had sandbags by his doors.

“We put it under the sliding glass door to keep the water out of the house,” Rodenbaugh said.

 But there's another issue, heavy rains left his entire street without power.

Rodenbaugh says, “There are 96 families from what they told me on this power grid that are without power.”

Rodenbaugh told Action News that JEA said power would be restored by 4:30 p.m., but 4:30 p.m. went by and there were no crews in sight.

“Biggest concern right now is my mother’s on oxygen and we have an oxygen machine in the house but now she's on portable bottles,” Rodenbaugh said.

Rodenbaugh said if his power doesn't turn back on soon, he and his mom may have to leave to go to a family member’s home with power to restore her oxygen

JEA said Rodenbaugh’s neighborhood will be restored by 7:30 Saturday.