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Owner searches nightly for area where dog was last seen

by: Erica Bennett Updated:


GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. - A crash on Highway 16 left Justin Conn's Jeep totaled. He doesn't recall many details, but said he remembers seeing his dog Gypsy jump out the window. 

"I was petting her, telling her I loved her so much and I'm glad she's with me. All of a sudden, she's gone," he explained. 

Conn said Gypsy probably got frightened and didn't know what to do. Sadly, he thinks there's a chance she could have been injured in the crash. 

In effort to find his best friend, Conn and his family have put up flyers around town. 

"I've probably printed about 50 to 70 flyers, hung them around gas stations, on poles, handed them to people who live around here," Conn said. 

Someone thought they saw Gypsy Wednesday, but it turned out to be a bad tip. In addition to flyers, Conn has posted on Craigslist, Facebook and even checked the dog pound. Conn said she's between 55 and 70 pounds, a mix of red nose Pitbullpit bull and retriever and has a friendly temperament. 

"She's really good. She doesn't bite, doesn't cause any problems," Conn said. 

Conn searches the crash area every day after work. He doesn't plan to give up any time soon. 

"I hope she's not dead, but I really really hope to get her back." 

Conn had another dog in the car at the time of the crash. He said she was shaken up, but not hurt. 

If you see Gypsy, the number to call is 904-248-2262.