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Pesky potholes frustrate drivers in St. Augustine



St. Johns County drivers said potholes are causing cars to have to zig-zag.

"You got to dodge the potholes. That's the biggest thing, is try to avoid hitting them," said Nick Rodomski.

Rodomski, a driver, said it's tough steering clear of the several potholes lining the roadway just off state road 16 and I-95 South.

"I honestly think they're definitely a hazard especially to a vehicle, causing some damage," said Rodomski.

Drivers blamed the county, but Action News spoke to St. Johns County engineers who said they're not responsible.

The county said businesses in the area signed an agreement to maintain their portions of the road.

The county said Ruby Tuesday, Cracker Barrel, and a private business owner own the roadway.

Action News found out the roadway is owned by multiple businesses, but the section with the potholes is owned by a company called Jai-Amba-Ma.

Action News also found out, the pothole located closet to SR-16 is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Taxpayers said something needs to be done.

"We pay our taxes we shouldn't have to deal with that," Scott Nickodemus.

"If you went over it it would literally wreck your car," Reyo Margolin.

Action News tried reaching out to the business owners who own the pothole portion of the road, but calls weren't returned. But drivers said a solution for now is to possibly repave the road again.

"For the time being you might as well patch it up again," said Rodomski.

Action News also found out the last time the road way was repaved was just last year, according to St. Johns County engineers.