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State senator: FDOT will do investigation into Buckman Bridge

by: Catherine Varnum Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Local lawmakers are taking their concerns about the safety of the Buckman Bridge straight to the Florida Department of Transportation.

Officials now say they're investigating whether they should raise the height of the guard rails.

"It opened up old wounds," said Vickie Kajy.

Kajy said the crash on the Buckman Bridge Wednesday took her back to February 2010, when the SUV her sister-in-law, Luma Kajy, was driving got pushed off the bridge by another driver.  It was fished out the same way the truck was this week.

"I'm hoping they do something about it. Too many people died and I know it'll happen again," said Vickie Kajy.

We asked state leaders how many more cars have to go over the bridge before something is done.

"God, I hope never," said Rep. Charles McBurney.

McBurney is just one of two lawmakers who told Action News they called the Florida Department of Transportation Thursday, asking for an investigation into the bridge's safety. 

State Senator Aaron Bean told Action News FDOT called him back Thursday night, saying they will do an investigation and if changes need to be made to barrier height, they will make them.

"It did pique my interest. Is the bridge safe? I want to make sure," said Bean.

FDOT maintains the bridge barrier meets the standard of 32 inches. But McBurney asks, is just meeting the standard good enough?

"Regardless of the standard, if it's not right, then we'll look at the standard," said McBurney.

Rep. Ander Crenshaw said he is also keeping a close eye on the situation. There is no word yet  on when FDOT will be meeting about the concerns.