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Travelers delayed at JIA due to historic East Coast snowstorm

by: Kaitlyn Chana Updated:

Arthur Powers
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More than 30 flights have been canceled at Jacksonville International Airport due to a snowstorm expected to blanket most of the East Coast with snow Friday night.

Many travelers at JIA are waiting hours for flights that have been delayed due to the storm.

"I was told that I won't be able to get out till tomorrow morning," said Arthur Powers.

Powers recently bought a home in Jacksonville. He came to town for three days to check out his new property. Powers said he’s now stuck at the airport and will spend Friday night at JIA, because he has nowhere else to go. 

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Powers said he was supposed to leave on Thursday but the massive storm brewing on the East Coast has airport officials telling him he's stuck in Jacksonville.

"Because of the weather … sorry, bad news -- Charlotte is shut down.”

Powers is trying to get back to Detroit. He was scheduled to fly into Charlotte then continue on to Detroit. He asked airport officials if he could fly through a different city, “They're like, 'no,'” Powers said. He said all he can do is be patient.

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That's the advice Towanda Luckie gave her 18-year-old son, whose flight out of JIA was delayed to his connecting flight.

"So he is going to land at C3 and he needs to make a 40-yard dash to C5," Luckie said.

Luckie said her son has 10 minutes in between flights.

For Powers, he said he hopes luck will finally come his way.

"This is going to be my home until the end," Powers said.


Shortly after this story aired on CBS47 at 6 p.m. one local family said the report compelled her to want to help Arthur Powers.

The couple is taking Powers home Friday night so that he can get a meal, shower & sleep in a bed tonight.