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480 homes without water, precautionary boil water notice in effect



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's an ordeal that started before sunup Monday, water gushing everywhere and neighbors trying to make do.

"I just deal with it. My yard's getting watered. We needed that rain and my yard needed watering," said Annette Shiver, a neighbor.

A 12-inch line broke and there's no official cause, but a JEA spokesperson tells Action News that age is a factor. The break was repaired by late Monday evening, JEA said.

About 480 homes are without water due to the break. The outage stretches from Timuquana Road down to 118th Street.

A precautionary boil water notice has been issued for the area, and customers should boil water for one minute for drinking, food preparation or cooking. The notice is in effect until at least Wednesday.

Those affected include:

  • From 5508 Ortega Farms BV to 118th St & Ortega Farms
  • Havenwood Oaks TE - Eagle Nature TE - Carmel DR - Ortega River DR
  • Eagle Point DR - Alfredo DR - Alfredo CT - Artudo LA - Commodore DR
  • Seaspray Ave - Helm Ave - Anchor Ave - Pennant DR - Pennant CT
  • Ensign Ave - Corsair Ave - Sabre DR - Banshee Ave - Admiral DR
  • 110th St - Davon St - Broken Arrow DR W - Broken Arrow DR N
  • Creed CT - Pueblo CT - Painted Pony DR
  • TJ’s Catering
  • 6204 Commodore DR (Davis Day Care)

In the process of repairs, crews had to open up Ortega Farms Boulevard and dig deep. All Maria Gieseking can do is watch.

"I woke up this morning, early in the morning, like 6:30. When I came out I see a big puddle. It looked like a lake," said Gieseking, neighbor.

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Parts of the street looked like a river. In result, some people couldn't leave their home and others like Giesking, didn't have water.

It may be a long road ahead, but Gieseking is trying to be patient and look on the bright side.

"I'm trapped. I'm trapped, but I can walk," Gieseking said.

JEA estimates it will take seven to eight hours to fix this road.

This isn't the first time a water main has broken at the same intersection. Neighbors say it's happened at least four times in the last 30 years.