• Woman fed up with roaches and mold in Ft. Caroline apartment

    By: Alyana Gomez


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Mold, roaches and a hole in the floor is what a local woman said she’s been forced to live with.

    Nikkia Green is at her wits end and contacted Action News for help. She lives at Bridgepoint Apartments on Monument Road and gave us a walk-through of her place. 

    “These apartments are infested with roaches,” said Green.

    We found dead ones living under her kitchen sink, alongside rust and mold. They had easy access to her apartment through a large hole in her laundry room. A two-inch block of wood and a couple nails was the property manager's way of fixing it. 

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    “There was nothing covering. Under this hole is outside so there was roaches and all kinds of critters coming in,” she said. 

    Then there's her bathroom door, that doesn’t seem to fit the frame.

    “I had to wait three weeks for a bathroom door and when he put the bathroom door on, I have to hang my dress here because you can see inside when I have company,” said Green.

    Fed up with the property manager, Green said she called the city and had a code enforcement officer inspect her home Friday.

    The next day, Green said she received a notice. She felt was a form of retaliation.

    “I get my check on the 3rd of each month. Now she's saying yesterday she wants it by the close of business day on the 1st. The late fee is $100 per day,” said Green.

    We went to talk to the property manager, but she said, “you can come in but you can't bring the camera man in.”

    She referred us to their corporate office, whom we left several messages for. Finally, they returned our calls, but simply said they had no comment.

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