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Nonprofit releases PSA depicting final moments of Trayvon Martin's life

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFTV) -- A nonprofit organization released a PSA Monday reenacting the rainy night Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford.

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joewW07 - 8/21/2013 7:00 AM
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Hey, I think this is a outstanding PSA.. Let ALL THUGS BE FOR WARNED!! We the people of those 26 states are not going to be your VICTIMS anymore..We are not going to let you ruin ours lives...If you were smart you would move to another state that dose not have SYG YET, because it's coming to a State near you before its over with...and you may be NEXT!!!!!

Papakilo - 8/20/2013 9:50 PM
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I don't believe the media is still beating this dead horse. This was self defense and not stand your ground. I don't care what color Trayvon was but, Mr. Zimmerman's nationality is Mexican not white. As far as I am concerned, Trayvon received what he had coming, and those trying to make a martyr out of him, using his death to attack a good law which give the ability to anyone to protect themselves against those having ill intentions to do bodily harm. Police are not and can not be everywhere and jails are overflowing with individuals who have no respect for anyone. Why does the media keep low key news of all the black on black crime and factual numbers of black crime, and factual numbers of white crime. Percentages do not present a factual picture of anything. Trayvon is not news or important to the real devastation our country is undergoing and the crimes against our Constitution.

hallonearth - 8/20/2013 2:45 PM
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Okay--------ENOUGH!!! let's hear about the white boy beat up by the black boys on the bus while the bus driver watched; and about the Australian guy shot "for the fun of it" by the 3 black boys who were 'bored".

nativejax - 8/20/2013 1:16 PM
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Wishmistress, you and I know WHY they are STILL trying to find EVERY EXCUSE in the book to justify the facts a young thug attacked a person who was doing his job, but r'RACE BAITERS' never quit. They are consumed with decades of hatred that goes far deeper than this boy losing his life. They can shoot a child right between the eyes with no remorse or responsibility, because this 'culture of hate' has they have has been passed down through generations at their supper tables. We can't change or fix it, only they can.

wishmistress - 8/20/2013 1:02 PM
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"The group said the video was meant to spur activism against "Stand Your Ground."..... Uhm. This was a case of SELF DEFENSE. NOT SYG.

nativejax - 8/20/2013 12:43 PM
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kimdavis I'm not even going to read the rest of your stupid post you wrote. You keep on defending these UP AND COMING young thugs, and chances are you will be one of their victims someday. Martin's criminal activity got him expelled from school, got him caught with drugs, showed up on facebook as a PRACTICING GANG WANNA BE bragging about beating up people and basically BEING a thug. His mom is a thug too. She collected millions through 'deception' BEFORE the facts of the case were heard that Zimmerman was suppose to have through 'DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW'. Martin was well on his way to kill someone that night, and people like YOU are just pizzed Zimmerman didn't die instead. Zimmerman's criminal past was misdemeanors and NOT HELD AGAINST HIS PERMANANT RECORD to the point he could not get a decent job. He CLEANED HIS ACT up and was doing good the night your thug brother Trayvon attacked him from behind. I would have shot Trayvon or Zimmerman had I been attacked this way. You are the hateful one on here, you must hate whites so much, JUST like a lot of Black people do,that you would RE WRITE and TWIST THE FACTS TO GOSSIP, just to keep the hate going. It is a crying SHAME what SOME Blacks are doing and saying in this Country that makes ALL Blacks look bad. Putting yourself on that list tells volumes about your 'CHARACTER', and there's not a person on here commenting that CAN'T see that. He is dead by his own actions, deal with it, or keep the hate going..just like he did when he was alive...You 'thug cultured minded people' are a disgrace to yourselves and everyone matter what race.

imtellin - 8/20/2013 12:41 PM
1 Vote
kimdavis,, so you are implying by your #'s, that 30% of people with prior criminal records, don't have the right to stand their ground & defend themselves.. I presume by your conjecture then folks on any type of public assistance should not be entitled to stand their ground ??? the elderly, who collect social security, should not be entitled to utilize syg if needed ??? folks with red hair, purple nails, and way too much metal placed in holes about their bodies, should also be excluded ??? illegal aliens who don't have any rights under our constitution, as they are not citizens are not entitled to syg ??? people of questionable vision should be denied syg ??? blondes definitely should be excluded as well, if you believe the hype about them being dumb ??? people with curly hair should be excluded as the curls probably have them thinking in circles ??? who does that leave ??? you & me !!! let's hope we never cross paths, as only 1 of us will be left, standing your ground !!!

Realchange - 8/20/2013 12:23 PM
2 Votes
The real TM words to haunt you if you watched the trial: TM Response on text phone with GF in past: cause man dat N (word) (filters will not allow the real word) snitched on me Response Naw but he aint breed (means bleed) nuff 4 me, only his nose... but afta dat im done So we know he likes to beat the hell out snitches and bus drivers. Caught with stolen jewelry in high school and let go. Suspened on multiple occasions in school and some of you still stand up for a 6 ft black man with gold grill, like pot and purple lean and sent to his father to be straightened out for fighting to much and in trouble to much in school. Then say we are dragging his name through the mud after he tries to assault someone.

Realchange - 8/20/2013 12:05 PM
4 Votes
Real Trayvon Martin looks nothing like the one in the stock photos. Good kid. Likes to attack other snitches in his own words make them bleed. Then few days later shopping for street guns. Mixing pot and purple lean. Suspended from school on multiple occasions. Caught in school with stolen jewelry given a pass for it when the officer was told not to arrest him it for that. Black America wants their young thug's safe to shoot kill and rob at will free. Sounds bad but the way they sick up for him and rally around it shows where we are headed with this kind of no black man ever does any wrong mentality. There are lot black people who work hard and are honest, yet it seems even they defend wanting young thugs to able to attack other races freely with no regard.

Realchange - 8/20/2013 12:01 PM
4 Votes
Maybe I should post his gun buying activities next. Or other friends warning him he fights to much. Maybe we should post online his high school police video interviews on 5 occasions. He was thug pure and simple. When told he was thug he disagreed and laughed no I am gangsta. Thief, likes to assault snitches and still got black people saying he was "good" kid.
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