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Talking the Tropics With Mike 

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Early Season Tropical Development

For updates on early season subtropical storm "Ana", please go to the "Buresh Blog".  The first posting on early season development was issued as early as April 29th.  "Talking the Tropics With Mike" regular updates will begin June 1st unless additional early season development occurs.

2014 Hurricane Season Review

No tropical storms or hurricanes made landfall on or even near the First Coast during the 2014 hurricane season.  Distant storms did produce a few elevated rip current risk days but storms were too far out to sea to cause any local rain or wind. 2014 lived up to the ...

Last Weekend of the Hurricane Season

On this, the last weekend of the '14 hurricane season, no tropical development is expected to occur over the Atlantic Basin.  A season "in review" will soon follow..... NOAA surface maps of the Caribbean & Gulf below:

Atlantic Basin Dominated By Dry Late Autumn Atmosphere

The strong cold front has swept east into the Central Atlantic extending southwest across extreme Eastern Cuba to near Jamaica into Central America.  No tropical development expected over the Atlantic Basin..... NOAA surface maps of the Caribbean & Gulf below:

Cold Front Barreling East & South

The strong cold front is sweeping into the W. Atlantic & extends southwest across the Bahamas, Cuba & the NW Caribbean. The Atlantic Basin is void of even much convection -- no tropical development to occur. NOAA surface maps of the Caribbean & Gulf below:

Upper Low East & Northeast of Puerto Rico

* Deepening low pressure is moving north/northeast just of the U.S. east coast but will not be tropical.... * An upper low is several hundred miles E/NE of Puerto Rico - no significant surface development.... at least in the short term.... * Some disorganized convection over the far SW Caribbean ...

T'storms Near Fl... NHC Issues 2014 Summary

Thunderstorms are firing ahead of a cold front & developing surface (nontropical) low pressure from the Eastern Gulf across Fl. into the Western Atlantic. No tropical development expected as this midlatitude strengthens on moves north/northeast just off the east coast of the U.S.... The National Hurricane Center has issued its ...

Last Week of the Hurricane Season

As we head through the last week of the '14 hurricane season, all is reasonably quiet over the Atlantic Basin.  A large cluster of t'storms off the coast of the Carolina's is associated with a cold front & weak low pressure - nothing tropical in the vicinity. The rest of ...

T'Storms Off the Carolina Coast

A large complex of t'storms is off the coast of the Carolina's, but this is a mid latitude cyclone that is not tropicsl. Low pressure has developed near the mouth of the Mississippi with a cold front extending south & southwest into the Gulf.  This low will move to the ...

T'Storms Over the Northern Gulf of Mexico

A large area of stable covers the Central & Western Atlantic.... Little in the way of even cloudiness over the Caribbean.... Convection is increasing over the N. Gulf of Mexico & much of the Gulf will remain convectively active through Tue. but tropical development is not likely to occur. NOAA ...

Storms Flare Up Near Lesser Antilles

T'storms have weakend over the W. Caribbean...  A flare-up of convection near/east of the Lesser Antilles & near the coast of S. America is in association with upper level diffluence & an upper level low/surface trough - tropical development is not expected. NOAA surface maps of the Caribbean & Gulf ...

T'storms Persist Near Belize

While t'storms persist near/east of Belize over the far Western/NW Caribbean on the "tail end" of a stalled front, there is no organization or indication of low pressure.  This area could still be something to watch but proximity to land & high shear will likely preclude any appreciable development. NOAA ...

Cold Front Helps Develop T'Storm Complex Over W. Caribbean

Convection has flared up over the Western Caribbean near the tail end of a strong polar cold front.  This area will need to be monitored but proximity to land will probably limit any development.  Forecast models indicate only weak low pressure but water temps. are still very warm & with ...

Scattered Convection over the Atlantic Basin

There is scattered convection over the Atlantic Basin most concentrated near/with upper lows & polar cold fronts that are now diving well into the tropics.  No organization indicated or expected so no tropical development anytime soon.

Convection over Far SW Caribbean

There has been pretty persistent convection over the extreme Southwest Caribbean just east of Central America & just northwest of S. America.  Weak low pressure might try to develop but proximity to land will likley limit any develoment. Otherwise... a very strong cold front will plunge across the Gulf & ...

Lots of Dry Air Over the Atlantic Basin

Lots of dry mid & upper level air over the Atlantic Basin - no tropical development expected.

Cold Fronts Pushing into the Tropics

A polar front is plunging deep to the south across the Gulf of Mexico.  An even stronger cold front will move deep into the Caribbean next week. No tropical development expected over the Atlantic Basin.

An "Autumn Look" to the Atlantic Basin

No areas of concern over the Atlantic Basin.  Upper level lows, fronts, shear & dry air dominate most of the basin.  The deep penetration of polar cold fronts through next week will almost insure the end of the hurricane season for the Gulf of Mexico with the highest risk of ...

Low Pressure Accelerating NE Over W. Atlantic

The low pressure system that was east of Jacksonville is streaking northeast across the Western Atlantic with no tropical development expected.... the tropics are otherwise quiet.

Low Pressure East of Jacksonville

A well developed low pressure system (see the curl in the clouds) is several hundred miles east of Jacksonville.  Convection is very active along & ahead of the cold front with wrap-around rainbands evident as well.  However, the system is not tropical & will soon accelerate to the northeast out ...

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