• Brandless.com wants you to stop paying the ‘name tax'

    By: Beth Marcinko


    Do you pay too much for everyday items because you insist on buying name brands? A new website wants to help break you of that habit with the promise of quality goods wrapped in generic labels.

    How buying Brandless can help you save

    Brandless.com boasts a simple online market where items cost $3. Some things are even cheaper because the come two or three for $3. The website offers a wide range of products, including food in specialty categories like organic, kosher, and vegan.

    If you’re craving a less expensive alternative to Whole Paycheck on specialty items, Brandless may be for you. In addition to food, you’ll find a variety of home, garden, beauty and cleaning products.

    Since Brandless offers such a variety of items, Clark decided to place an order with input from the team. We purchased everything from cotton balls to maple syrup (and were very excited to try it all). Shipping costs $9, but is free for orders over $72 — our order came to $73.50 for 26 items because we ordered some products that came in multiples.

    The core of the Brandless strategy is to cut out normal marketing and retail store costs in order to return those savings to the consumer. That certainly got our attention!

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