How to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit

How to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit
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if you haven't filed your taxes yet, there is a tax benefit for middle-to-low income families that would give taxpayers a refund even if they owe no tax.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is the largest refundable federal income tax credit.

The IRS estimates four out of five eligible taxpayers who claim the credit actually get it. in 2019, 25 million taxpayers received more than $61B through the credit. The average amount received was about $2,500. To claim it you must earn just under $56,000 or less annually and have no children. Non-traditional families like grandparents raising a grandchild can claim this credit too. Members of the armed forces can claim it and workers with disabilities or who care for a disabled dependent can claim it.

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The deadline to file is April 15. By law, the IRS cannot issue refunds before mid-February for tax returns that claim the credit.

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To claim the EITC you can: