12-year-old Brunswick boy creates clothing for change

Brunswick, GA. — Duraevion Saddler lives in Brunswick, Georgia where he’s creating t-shirts with the message of spreading unity and combating racial injustice.

At first Saddler told me it was mainly just family members purchasing his clothing, that is until word got out and quickly spread online.

“As they was wearing it. My mom posted it, my auntie posted it. And that’s how the orders started to come,” Saddler said.

It was the shooting death of another Brunswick local that sparked the idea behind the apparel.

Action News Jax told you when Ahmaud Arbery was killed near his neighborhood in February of last year.

His family said he was out for a jog.

But suspects Travis and Gregory McMichael claim Arbery was stealing.

The father and son were arrested on murder charges in May after video leaked that caught the deadly confrontation following a chase.

The man who recorded it William Roddie Bryan was arrested shortly after.

The 25-year-old unarmed black man’s death gained national attention.

“It could have been me and it could have been my family members and my peers or my fellow black people or just anybody,” Saddler said.

The 12-year-old began making the t-shirts for change last year over the summer.

Each one says “Our American” and so far he’s already sold more than 150 shirts.

“I felt that “Our American means the symbol of people coming together,” Saddler said.

He said he’s witnessed a lot of unrest in the world over the last year and he’s hoping his message will help give people a voice to unite.

“I just want Americans to come together as one, just come together and yes I just really want to reach a lot of people,” Saddler said.

If you would like more information about Our American clothing you can click HERE.