How to be smart with your kid's smart phone

How to be smart with your kid's smart phone

The FBI Jacksonville along with the Duval County Schools Parent Academy are hosting an event Tuesday night to show parents how to keep their children safe as they use their smartphone.

The FBI says there will be agents on hand to show how offenders are using technology to go after children and they will be showing parents ways to protect them.

Ahead of the meeting tonight, WOKV Consumer Warrior Clark Howard has some suggestions on how parents can help protect their children.

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Clark suggests three of the best parental control apps parents can get are OurPact Parental Control app, Kidslox Parental Control App and an app called Covenant Eyes.

Clark says the OurPact Parental Control app lets you limit screen time, blocks access to inappropriate sites and lets you know when your child makes it to their destination.

Clark says OurPact has a free version, but they also have a paid version as well. Clark Says the Kidslox Parental Control App lets you limit access to any device that connects to the internet and its pricing starts at $3.99 a month.

The final app Clark suggests is called Covenant Eyes.

Clark says this app monitors activity on the entire phone and sends a report to parents. Clark says the app is free and it’s designed to lead to meaningful conversations about phone use.

If you are interested in learning more from the meeting tonight, the FBI says it’s from 6-7:30 at Sandalwood High School and its free to attend.