Can university and college faculty get vaccinated?

Jacksonville, FL. — You know you’re in a pandemic, when you’re so excited to get pinched in the arm that you do a happy dance, like teacher Maika Williams.

Her celebration sums up the mood for many teachers who came out on Friday to finally get their COVID-19 vaccine.

“I actually felt relieved because I turn 50 next week so when this came out, I’m like let me go get it now,” she said.

University of North Florida faculty member Jessica Borusky also got a chance to get her shot.

“It feels great I feel really relieved and awesome,” said Borusky.

The Gateway Mall vaccination site opened to teachers k-12 regardless of age Thursday.

The mandate didn’t mention institutions of higher learning, but said she should her faculty ID and was let in.

“I found out about through faculty colleagues of mine yeah so they’ve been coming down to the federal site as well because we have to engage with students who are adults who do a lot more things than just K-12 students,” said Borusky.

United Faculty of Florida is demanding that the governor officially expand access to the vaccine in his mandate to include higher education personnel.

The group, which represents 22,000 educators, issued a press release Thursday accusing the governor ignoring them.

Meanwhile, not everyone did the happy dance as they left the Gateway Mall vaccination site.

Middle school teacher Latasha Lawrence said teachers should’ve been a priority when schools reopened.

“I am grateful that we are getting it but again I just wish they would care a little bit more about teachers,” said Lawrence.