CDC sets new travel guidelines for fully vaccinated people, flyers hoping to get back to normal soon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — New guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the United States.

Travel is picking up as more people get vaccinated and, although restrictions have loosened recently as passengers get ready to take the skies, medical experts are reminding people that safety is still a top priority.

Naomi Tillman hasn’t been on a plane since 2018 and says it’s time for a vacation, but she hopes her flight to Houston is a safe one.

“Hoping that everybody wears their mask and stays social distanced,” she said.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority said on Monday, that an estimated 7,500 passengers were set to fly out of Jacksonville International Airport, the highest single day for travel from the airport in more than a year.

But this news should not come as a shock.

Easter weekend set a pandemic record for travel, with the TSA reporting over 1.5 million screenings at airport checkpoints last Friday, the highest number since March 12, 2020.

Even though fully vaccinated people can travel safely, Action News Jax medical expert Dr. Michelle Aquino says you should still think twice.

“It just says you probably are safe if you’re traveling, but if you cannot travel right now, that will probably be better for the greater good of everyone,” she said.

According to the Florida Department of Health, just under 3 million people in Florida have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

As she’s nervous about close encounters with other people, local mother Bernadette Bailey said she’s prepared for any situation.

“I’ve got everything — my gloves, my hand sanitizer, and I can double mask if I need to,” she said.

Even though the CDC says travel is a low-risk activity for people who have been vaccinated, our medical expert says if you don’t have to fly, you shouldn’t until it’s safe for everybody.


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