2.4.20 Prevent prescription drug mistakes; Winter clothing deals; Student loan forgiveness update

Pharmacy mistakes filling prescriptions are becoming more common as volume increases on a small number of players who allegedly put the pharmacists under unsafe quotas. Investigative reporting by the NYT reveals that pharmacists with the major chains are under pressure to fill prescriptions and the resulting errors. Another recent report states 1.5 million people have been adversely affected by Rx mistakes. Oversight by state pharmacy boards has failed. Marketplace pressures being applied to pharmacists is creating unsafe conditions, putting the public at risk. Simple prevention tips: Pharmacists are human. Always look at the prescription before you leave the store. Packaging describes the shape, size, color and markings of the medication. The same med may look different from different manufacturers. When a med goes off patent to generic, it’s appearance can change. Look at the name on the label first as many drug names are similar. Then check the actual medication and be very careful verifying you have the right prescription. We can make sure the medicine we receive are correct as best we can tell. Check before you leave the pharmacy and have them verify before you leave. Take these steps to protect your and your family’s health.

Clothing manufacturers and retailers are in full clearance mode on winter goods. From light to heavy weight, this is the week to start looking for great deals on winter wear.

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Scandal has rocked the U.S. Dept. of Education because they have failed to honor the law on forgiving student loans for public service workers including police officers, fire fighters, teachers and others that work in nonprofit or service capacities. Certain public service professionals were promised Federal loan forgiveness after 10 years of on-time payments. The rules were drawn in a way that triggered denials due to technicalities for 99% of applicants. This caused such an uproar that the Dept. of Education has passed new rules that will allow around 3/4s of those declined to now receive their loan forgiveness. This is not widely reported so spread the word to those you know who may be affected. Those declined should apply again. Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness (TEPSLF) is how many will qualify for loan forgiveness. Don't give up and great thanks for your community service. This was a promise made that should be kept.
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