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Does Clark Feed Wet or Dry Food to His Dog Kirkland Signature? And Does He Recommend a Pet Insurance Company?

Money expert Clark Howard loves his family, traveling, saving money and shopping at Costco.

But those aren’t the only passions in his life. His pets are also important pieces in his life. He and his family have two dogs — Kirkland Signature and Winston Churchill.

What type of dog food does Clark feed his pets? And does he recommend a specific pet insurance company?

That's what a listener of the Clark Howard Podcast recently asked.

What Dog Food Does Clark Give to His Dog Kirkland Signature? And Does He Know a Good Pet Insurance Company?

Does Clark feed his dog wet or dry food? And is there a good pet insurance company he knows?

That's what a listener asked on the Aug. 29 podcast.

Asked William in South Carolina: "Clark, Sadie is our German Shepherd family member. Would you share the name of a good pet insurance company? Do you feed Kirkland Signature wet or dry food?"

Clark holds strong opinions on pet insurance. But first, let’s find out what his two dogs eat.

“Kirkland Signature does not eat Kirkland Signature dog food. [He] is on some kind of designer dog food that our vet has said Kirkland should eat,” Clark says.

“Kirkland almost died at birth and is only nine pounds fully grown where his siblings are 35, 40 pounds. So Kirkland came into the world with some medical issues.

“So K.S. is on a combination of dry and wet food. And is the most reluctant eater you have ever seen.”

Clark’s Dog Winston Churchill Eats Anything

William asked about Kirkland Signature. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the way Winston Churchill eats, which Clark described on the same podcast episode.

“Winston Churchill will eat anything in sight and eat it until it would kill her, which she’s tried to do over and over again,” Clark says. “I could’ve sent both dogs to college with what Winston Churchill’s vet and animal hospital bills have been. But I digress because you asked about how to defray those expenses.”

What Clark Recommends for Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is tricky. You need to do your homework and fully understand what is and isn't covered by a given policy. It can be tricky finding a good company that will offer you something fair and valuable.

“Pet insurance is like Swiss cheese with a bunch of holes in it. And so pet insurance brochures look fantastic. In real life, not so much,” Clark says.

“What I always recommend is that you go ask your vet himself or herself, you ask your veterinarian which policy they find does the best job for their customers at their vet practice. Because the pet insurance industry is one that overpromises and underdelivers.

“And the vets know which ones rip people off and which ones actually seem to do a good job. Because they have to help as intermediaries with the claims.”

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Like most pets, Clark’s dogs are each different when it comes to dog food and eating habits.

As far as pet insurance goes, Clark’s strong recommendation is to ask your vet which company or companies in your area he or she trusts the most.

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