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Price Hike: Sam’s Club Is Raising Membership Fees Soon

One of America’s most popular wholesale clubs is about to raise its membership prices.

Sam's Club is set to increase its annual membership fee from $45 to $50 for club members and from $100 to $110 for Plus members, according to finance site CNBC.

Yikes! Price Hikes Coming for Sam’s Club Membership

The price hikes, which are set to take effect on October 17, 2022, will be the first in nine years, CNBC reports.

These changes aren't the only ones Sam's Club has made this year. This spring, the retailer introduced Sam's Cash, a loyalty rewards currency. Earlier this summer, the store discontinued free curbside pickup for Club level members.

How Sam Club’s Membership Fees Compare to Other Wholesale Clubs

Once Sam’s Club raises its membership fees in October, here is how it will compare to the other major wholesale clubs.

Wholesale ClubMembership Fee (Basic)Premium Membership Fee (Premium)
Sam's Club*$50Plus -- *$110
Costco Wholesale$60Gold Star Executive/Business Executive -- $120
BJ's Wholesale$55Perks Rewards -- $110

Final Thoughts

If you're a Sam's Club shopper, the new membership price hikes are bound to sting a bit. One way you can save when you shop there is by using the Sam's Club Mastercard, which offers 5% savings on gas and makes Team Clark's best cash back credit cards list.

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